18 Viral Video Hooks for YouTube Shorts [Proven Hacks]

18 Proven Tricks for YouTube Shorts Viral Video Hooks

18 Proven Tricks for YouTube Shorts Viral Video Hooks

With these 18 enticing video hooks, you can unlock the potential for YouTube Shorts success and increase your popularity right away.

Are you aware that a strong video introduction may turn a YouTube short into a viral sensation? In the YouTube world, these beginnings are known as “hooks,” and they have the astonishing capacity to grab a viewer’s attention within the first three seconds.

To prevent someone from moving on to the next video, you need grab their interest, especially in a short. Swiping away has a negative effect on your material and reduces your chance of going viral quickly.

Despite the paucity of studies on shorts and their performance, one study provides some useful information. According to Paddy Galloway, the top-performing Shorts keep 70% of their viewers instead of having them leave.

You need an opening hook that carries the audience from one scene to the next in order to keep them interested. These 18 viral hooks will help your YouTube Shorts soar!

Have You Heard About?

On YouTube, the phrase “have you heard about” creates a feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This hook taps into viewers’ natural curiosity to pique their interest in learning more. Sean Andrew, for example, poses the question, “Have you heard about the world’s loneliest toilet?” Over 13 million people have watched the video simply because of this query!

They Don’t Want You to Know This Secret, Part 2.

This hook is intriguing and has the potential to go viral because it blends aspects of conspiracy, mystery, and a “us versus them” mentality. This hook’s effectiveness (without using deceptive clickbait) can greatly increase the number of views on your YouTube videos.

You’ve never seen anything like this 3.

This hook creates a fun and interesting challenge for your audience. It challenges people to watch your film in order to demonstrate their expertise or curiosity. For instance, Mrwhosetheboss received over 3 million views for his comment, “You’ve never seen a pair of headphones like the HHOGene GPods.”

I Never Do THIS, and Here’s Why,” part four.

The phrase “I never do something” at the beginning of a video suggests the expression of an uncommon or controversial viewpoint. Viewers may find this engaging, particularly when numerous creators share the same opinions and convictions. “I never buy silk, and this is the strange reason why,” a Nas Daily short, has received over 22 million views.

This Is the Best Product I’ve Ever Used,” quotable phrase 5.

This hook entices viewers to keep watching to learn more about the product being praised by promising a helpful advice or insight. The opening line from Mrwhosetheboss’s video, “This is the most powerful charger I’ve ever laid hands on,” received 2.4 million views, for example.

I was “Today Years Old” when I learned this, thus 6.

Humorously expressing newly learned information, the phrase “I was today years old” fosters a sense of shared discovery among viewers. It’s a powerful approach to forge connections and illustrate your educational path.

Questions I Frequently Get Asked

This hook suggests that you have insightful information to impart by responding to frequently requested queries. For instance, Hwaniiee’s video response to queries regarding his experience as a male nurse attracted 5 million views.

“I Asked Google” (#8)

Since most people are familiar with the search engine, beginning with “I asked Google” piques interest. It raises queries regarding the search terms used, the information that was found as a result, and any intriguing or unexpected findings.

“Three Things I Do Before…”, 9.

This hook is crucial for providing helpful guidance and problem-solving on how-to channels. The first line of Erika Kullberg’s video, “Quick Travel Tips,” “Here are three things I do before every flight,” piqued viewers’ interest and established her authority.

“Try This to [Achieve Goal],” 10.

“Try this” is a powerful call to action since it encourages viewers to learn something new. For instance, KeeanSocial captured 500,000 viewers’ attention with the caption “Try this to get more views on your next YouTube Short.”

“Did You Know That..?”

This hook includes a surprise aspect and offers exclusive information that viewers won’t want to miss. “Did you know this book is poisonous?” is the title of a Nas Daily video. received more than 22 million views.

12. “X vs. Y…”

The “this or that” scenario in this hook creates an atmosphere of competition or comparison. It motivates readers to interact with your material to learn the result. The question “The thickest phone case or the thinnest phone case: Which is actually better?” was posed by Mrwhosetheboss, for example. with a resultant 16 million views.

How to Create 13.

This hook promises to provide solutions, impart useful knowledge, and enable viewers to realize their ambitions. A good example is Lydia Tomlinson’s film, “How to create festive outfits,” which has more than 600,000 views.

I’m Trying This So You Don’t Have To, I’m 14

When a challenge involves risk and adventure in particular, viewers are drawn to creators who take it on. It enables viewers to experience the creator’s experiences through a virtual lens. For instance, Sean Andrew’s attempt at Chinese water torture garnered 6 million views.

15. The Top 3 [Items/Ideas]

This hook takes advantage of the well-liked listicle video style by providing viewers with insightful advice and solutions. It is a fan favorite and promises real value.

How to Become a…, #16

Although this hook usually refers to serious topics, it can be modified for fun or comedy. For instance, im_siowei amused 9 million viewers with the catchphrase “How to become a mermaid in three steps”.

The best [activity/idea] of your life: 17.

Viewers are constantly looking for ways to make their lives better. This hook makes for a strong introduction since it implies that you have insightful things to share. Over 500,000 people watched Mr. Psychology’s shared video titled “How to have the best sleep ever.”

“A Simple Hack to…”, 18

This hook entices readers with the promise of efficiency by providing a shortcut or workable solution. It promotes participation and active learning.

Although these hooks are eye-catching, it’s important to make sure that your video delivers on its promise. The remainder of the text should build on the foundation established by your hook after the introduction.

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