Android 15 Beta 1 Update Released for Google Pixel Phones: Features and Installation Guide!

Android 15 beta 1 update

Android 15 Beta 1 Update, Highlights:

  • The Android 15 beta 1 update arrives ahead of Google I/O 2024.
  • Available for various Pixel devices, including the Pixel 5a and others.
  • This update likely enhances NFC functionality.

While Android 14 is still reaching some phones, Google launched the Android 15 beta 1 update with notable improvements. It offers better support for big screens, enhanced communication features, and more. Available for various Google Pixel models, including the latest Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the update promises exciting upgrades. Let’s delve into the details of the Android 15 beta 1 update.

Android 15 beta 1 update details:

The Android 15 beta 1 update came out a month before Google I/O 2024. It’s the first of many beta releases expected this year, with Google aiming to roll out more updates in the coming weeks or months.

The update is for many Pixel devices like Pixel 5a, 6a, 7a, 6, 7, 8, 6 Pro, 7 Pro, 8 Pro, and Pixel tablets and Folds.

Android 15 beta 1 features:

Here’s a rundown of the Android 15 beta 1 update features:

  • Smoother NFC: The update likely enhances NFC functionality, making tap-to-pay smoother and supporting multiple NFC-aware apps.
  • App archiving: It introduces a built-in feature allowing users to partially remove infrequently used apps to free up space.
  • Better Braille: Enhanced support for Braille displays using HID standard over USB and Bluetooth, aiding users with visual impairments.
  • Edge-to-edge display: Apps now automatically adjust to fit large screens without developers needing to make special adjustments.
  • Inter-character justification: Enhances text readability for different languages.
  • App-managed profiling: Developers can easily gather performance data within their apps using the new ProfilingManager class.
  • Secured background activity launches: Enhances security by preventing malicious background apps from bringing other apps to the foreground without user interaction.
  • Key management for end-to-end encryption: Introduces E2eeContactKeysManager to facilitate end-to-end encryption in applications.

Android 15 beta 1 features

How to install Android 15 beta 1 update?

To get started, go to and choose your device to opt in. Any Google Pixel user linked to the Google account can join from this page. After opting in, check for updates on your device to install the update.

It’s important to know that the Android 14 QPR3 Beta is still available alongside the Android 15 Beta program. If you prefer to stick with Android 14, you must opt out of the program to avoid getting the Android 15 update.

If you’re already in the program and excited to try Android 15 Beta, just check for updates. Users who manually installed Android 15 Developer Preview 2 will automatically move to the beta program.

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