Apple iPhone 15 launch: What will the next iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro cost in India?

In the US the iPhone 14 series started at $799. For Indian buyers, the starting price was Rs 79,900.

Apple will unveil the latest iPhone Pro models at a launch event later tonight. Many months of leaks and news have nearly revealed the full image of the new phones. One aspect that is still a mystery is the cost. There are reports that there may be price hikes for models available in the US. What about the price in India?

In the US In the US, the iPhone 14 series started at $799. And for Indian customers, the entry model cost 79,900. Pricing for the models that are not Pro-grade is expected to be similar to the year before. If we go by this logic it is anticipated that the iPhone 15 Plus is expected to retail at around about 89,900 rupees.

Let’s get to talking Pro. It’s the iPhone 15 Pro. iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to be an increase of $100 which could be as low as $199 for the US. In India we can expect a price increase of around 10% over the model of last year. For iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Max, it may see a greater price increase, perhaps reaching $1199 in the US and Indian buyers may see an increase of around 10% over the previous year.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus Changes

The normal iPhone 15 models are in for some major upgrades. We’re saying goodbye to the recognizable design of the notch, which has been in use for a while now, since when we first launched the iPhone X series; it’s going to be replaced by an Dynamic Island, introduced for the first time the last season’s Pro model. The new design is expected to increase the screen’s real estate and cut down on the bezels. There are reports of a massive increase in the camera’s primary resolution, from 12MP to 48MP. These devices will run an A16 Bionic chipset. It’s which is the same that was used in the last model’s Pro models. Be prepared for a shift – both non-Pro as well as Pro models are expected to be using this USB type-C connector, removing that Lightning cable.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Pro models will be available in the spring. Pro models will feature the new titanium frame replacing the stainless steel frame, promising durability without the weight. In reality, the smartphones are anticipated to shed 10 percent from their mass. Also, in the camera department iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 15 Pro Max is scheduled to include an periscope lens that will offer 5- to 6-x zoom. The Pro models will move to connectors for USB Type C.

Keep in mind that these price increase estimates are based on speculations So, use these estimates with a pinch of doubt.

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