Creating Global Content: 4 Tips to Get YouTube Views Worldwide

4 Tips to Get YouTube Views Worldwide

Creating International Content: 4 Techniques to Increase YouTube Views

A sizable global following on YouTube can significantly increase your view count in a short amount of time. Here are four helpful strategies to help you build a loyal and varied audience.

We’re all aware that each channel’s YouTube views are essential to keeping it running smoothly. But what if we told you that focusing on a particular view count might not be the best strategy? What if you concentrated on the source of your opinions instead?

Do you, for example, claim to have a following in Brazil, the Netherlands, India, or China? If so, you’re headed in the right direction for YouTube channel growth!

You maximize your chances of becoming viral and of accumulating the necessary watch time for revenue by attracting viewers from a wide range of locales.

We will reveal the techniques for gaining worldwide YouTube views in this article, releasing you from the constraints of local or continental audiences. It’s time to expand your audience worldwide!

Rap, rock, or other genres of music can all be incorporated into your videos for the compelling reason that it makes your material more discoverable, especially Shorts. There are many music pages on

YouTube, and they all need two things:

– The total number of Shorts that contain a certain track; – The most watched Shorts that contain that track.

Do you want to be a global creator? Try to get listed on these pages. Include relevant songs in your Shorts to improve your chances of being featured on a music page that is available to all visitors.

Remember that not all of your songs will make you a viral sensation. Choose songs from global music charts such as: to listen to songs that are popular internationally.

– The Billboard Global 200.
– Spotify Viral 50 (daily curation available).
– TikTok Songs 2023, accessed via LoudKult on Spotify.

2. Produce dialogue-free videos (such as ASMR and animations).

Unexpectedly, excluding verbal communication in your films might be a powerful tactic to engage a broad audience. Language barriers are removed when there is no spoken language present, making your material more accessible.

Jake Fellman stands out as one of many creators who have successfully used this strategy to go viral. He amassed 18 million members and became well-known for posting animated videos with brief narratives and entrancing music but no speaking. Because of their language neutrality, his videos are available to everyone.

Explore his outstanding Short, “Among Us in HD – Stomp Loop,” which has received an astounding 519 million views and 7 million likes, to see the power of content without dialogue.

3. Global Hot-Button Issues in the Spotlight

Addressing global issues is a calculated approach for individuals hoping to gain international YouTube views. Explore universally relevant issues that cut across racial, religious, and ethnic boundaries.

Think about common goals like New Year’s resolutions. Every year, people all over the world make resolutions to improve particular aspects of their life to mark the start of a new year. The striking similarity of many resolutions offers important information about the global trends in interests.

Google’s 2012 statistics show that there were six global resolutions, including:

– Strengthening connections.
– Improving one’s health.
– Growing professionally.
– Improving financial security.
– Quality time with the family.
– Seeking to advance one’s education.

These classic themes have captivated YouTube viewers for more than ten years. You can easily get more views by focusing your content on one of these topics.

4. Use subtitles or audio in many languages.

Keep in mind that avoiding spoken language in videos can help them go viral. This idea is valid, as demonstrated by well-known artists like Khaby Lame. However, we acknowledge that some channels demand speech, making full quiet impractical. Multilingual audio and subtitles can help in this situation.

Language-Variable Subtitles

The goal of subtitles is to translate captions into a wide range of languages, including French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and many more. If you notice an increase in readers from different nations, find out which languages they speak. Consequently, give these viewers specialized subtitles.

To begin, navigate to the YouTube Studio by doing the following actions:

1. In the YouTube Studio menu, select “Analytics”.
2. Select “Audience” from the menu.
3. To find out which languages are most commonly spoken by your viewers, scroll down to “Top subtitle/CC languages”.

For instance, the English, Arabic, and Indonesian subtitles are preferred by the vidIQ audience. As a result, for our videos in these languages, we rely on YouTube’s automatically generated language transcripts. Consider hiring experts, like Rev, to accurately translate your audio into subtitles if you find YouTube’s automatic subtitles to be insufficient.

Various Language Audio

A multi-language audio function has been added to YouTube, gradually opening it up to more artists. You can post extra audio tracks in many languages for both new and old videos if you have access to this functionality. You must either record a dubbed version in the desired language or get assistance to produce it because YouTube does not automatically generate this audio.

Consult the instructional video from Creator Insider for a detailed explanation of this feature.

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