Real Madrid Player Ratings vs. Atletico Madrid: Alaba’s Derby-Day Nightmare Amidst Heroic Bellingham Effort Leaves Los Blancos in Awe

Real Madrid player ratings vs Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid defeats Real Madrid 3-1 as a result of Real Madrid’s poor defense and ineffective offense.

Real Madrid’s undefeated start to the season came to an abrupt end after they were defeated 3-1 by Atletico Madrid. The game highlighted their defensive weaknesses, with David Alaba—a typically dependable player—having a forgettable game and responsible for three almost identical headers against their cross-city opponents. This is how the game progressed:

Preliminary blow: Alvaro Morata scored the first goal for Atletico Madrid in the first four minutes of the tense game. He deftly headed Kepa Arrizabalaga’s angled pass from Samuel Lino past the defenseless goalkeeper.

Increasing the Lead: Soon after, Antoine Griezmann and Saul connected, and Griezmann headed a header into the bottom corner to give the home team a bigger lead. Griezmann had an opportunity to score a third goal, but Kepa’s save stopped him.

**Kroos Responds:** Real Madrid had a ray of hope thanks to Toni Kroos, who switched from his left to right foot before blasting a shot from the edge of the box past Jan Oblak.

Real Madrid’s defensive shortcomings reappeared early in the second half, as Morata finished off his hat trick with another uncontested header.

Incomplete Efforts: For Real Madrid, manager Carlo Ancelotti made adjustments and switched to a 4-4-2 system. Aurelien Tchouameni and Rodrygo both nearly missed the goal, and Joselu caused trouble in the area as the visitors generated more chances.

No Retaliation: Real Madrid made an effort, but they were unable to score the pivotal goal, and Atletico Madrid easily maintained their lead.

Player Evaluations:

– Kepa Arrizabalaga (5/10): His defense let him down, and he had little control over the goals.
– David Alaba (3/10): Had a terrible game and frequently lost track of his opponents.
– Toni Kroos (5/10): Excellent goal scored but poor on defense.
Jude Bellingham performed poorly in the first half and was unable to have a big influence.
– Rodrygo (5/10): Struggled alone in the first half due to a lack of assistance.
– Joselu (6/10): After being introduced at halftime, had an impact.
– Aurelien Tchouameni (6/10): Increased the intensity in the middle of the field and nearly scored.
– Carlo Ancelotti (4/10): Tactically unprepared from the start and unable to change the course of the game.

Real Madrid’s loss to Atletico Madrid showed a number of problems that must be fixed, especially in offense and defense.

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