Revolutionizing Transactions: India Debuts its First Contactless Payment Smart Ring – Pricing and Functionality Explained

India’s first contactless payment

Introduction to NFC Technology and Smart Rings

Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology has revolutionized the way we conduct transactions, paving the way for devices like smart rings. These innovative gadgets have entered the market with a promise to streamline how we handle payments.

7 Ring by Seven: A Game Changer in Contactless Payment

The 7 Ring stands out with its blend of technology and convenience, challenging its contemporaries like boAt and Noise smart rings by offering competitive pricing and features.

Price and Availability of 7 Ring in India

Available at Rs 7,000, the 7 Ring is an affordable entrant in the smart ring space. With an early bird price of Rs 4,777 and a limited warranty of 1 year, it’s an offer that’s hard to ignore. However, it’s currently exclusive to those with an invite code.

Features of the 7 Ring: Beyond the Basics

Seven different sizes ensure a comfortable fit for everyone, while its dust and waterproof design makes it durable for everyday use.

7 Ring App: Managing Your Finances at Your Fingertips

The companion app is not just a convenience but a control center for your financial transactions, offering an array of features from transaction tracking to setting spending limits.

How the 7 Ring Works

The 7 Ring employs NFC technology with robust security standards. Set up is easy, and once you complete a video KYC, you can extend the transaction limit up to Rs 2,00,000.

Payment Process with 7 Ring

To make a payment, simply clench your fist and bring the ring close to a payment machine. This unique gesture helps prevent fraudulent transactions.

Security Measures: Preventing Fraud and Loss

Innovative anti-fraud features and the ability to block the ring using the app ensure your finances are secure, even if your ring is lost.

Limitations and Scope of Use

The 7 Ring’s usage is confined to in-person transactions within India, using UPI. It does not support online or international payments.

Consumer Reactions and Market Impact

The 7 Ring has been met with enthusiasm, indicating a bright future for such technologies in the Indian market.

Technology Behind the 7 Ring

Delving deeper into the NFC technology, the 7 Ring showcases the potential of contactless payments in a new light.

Competitive Analysis

A comparative look reveals that the 7 Ring holds its ground well against its competitors in terms of both price and features.

Environmental and Societal Implications

The environmental and societal

benefits of the 7 Ring are worth noting, as it represents a shift towards more sustainable and inclusive financial practices.

With the rise of NFC technology, we may be witnessing just the beginning of a new era in payments, with smart rings like the 7 Ring leading the charge.


The 7 Ring merges convenience, technology, and security, making it a notable player in the contactless payment segment.


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