Upgrade to BSNL 4G SIM for Free and Enjoy 4GB Complimentary Data

Upgrade to BSNL 4G SIM free

BSNL’s Free 4G SIM Upgrade: A Game-Changer for Customers

In a groundbreaking move, BSNL has officially announced that its 2G and 3G customers can now seamlessly upgrade to 4G SIM cards at no extra cost. To sweeten the deal, the state-led telecom network is also offering a generous 4GB of free data along with the upgraded 4G SIM card. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting development and what it means for BSNL’s customer base.

Free 4G SIM and Data Offer

BSNL’s decision to offer free 4G SIM upgrades is a significant step towards modernizing its services. Customers who have been using 2G and 3G services can now enjoy the speed and efficiency of 4G technology without any additional charges. Along with the upgraded SIM card, BSNL is gifting its users 4GB of data, which comes with a generous validity period of three months. This move aligns with BSNL’s broader plan to roll out 4G services across the country by June 2024, paving the way for subsequent 5G deployment.

How to Get Your Free 4G SIM

The process of upgrading to a BSNL 4G SIM is hassle-free. Customers simply need to visit their nearest BSNL customer service center, authorized retailer, or direct selling agent. BSNL has ensured that these facilities are accessible to a wide range of users, making it convenient for everyone to make the switch to 4G and enjoy the complimentary data benefits.

BSNL’s 4G and 5G Rollout Plans

BSNL’s Chairman and Managing Director, P.K. Purwar, confirmed at the annual Mobile India Congress in 2023 that the company is on track to complete the 4G rollout in India by June 2024. This will be a significant milestone for the telecom giant and its customers, who have eagerly awaited the transition to higher data speeds.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the 5G rollout may take a bit longer than anticipated. Union IT and Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had previously mentioned a 5G upgrade in November-December. But due to unforeseen delays in the 4G rollout, the availability of 5G services is now expected in the following year.

Notably, the state-run Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) has played a pivotal role in this endeavor by indigenously developing the entire 5G network for BSNL. According to reports, C-DoT even demonstrated the test network set-up using its 5G equipment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the India Mobile Congress 2023.

BSNL’s Festive Data Offers

To further delight its customers, BSNL is extending festive data offers. Under these special deals, customers can enjoy an extra 3GB of data along with select recharge plans, specifically the ones priced at Rs 251, Rs 299, and Rs 398. To avail of these additional data benefits, users need to recharge through the BSNL Self-care app or the official website.


In conclusion, BSNL’s initiative to provide free 4G SIM upgrades to its 2G and 3G customers, coupled with complimentary data, is a game-changer in the telecom industry. With a robust plan to roll out 4G nationwide by 2024 and 5G soon after, BSNL is poised to offer its users a world of possibilities. For existing and potential BSNL customers, this is an exciting time to make the switch and experience faster, more reliable connectivity.


1. How do I know if I’m eligible for a free BSNL 4G SIM upgrade?
To check your eligibility, you can contact your nearest BSNL customer service center or retailer.
2. Is the 4GB of free data a one-time offer, or can I get it with every upgrade?
The 4GB of free data is a one-time offer available to users upgrading to 4G SIMs.
3. What is the expected date for BSNL’s 5G rollout?
While originally expected in November-December, the 5G rollout is now anticipated next year due to delays in the 4G rollout.
4. How can I avail of the extra data benefits offered with recharge plans during festivals?
To avail of the extra data, you need to recharge through the BSNL Self-care app or the official website.
5. Are BSNL’s festive data offers available to all customers?
BSNL’s festive data offers are available to customers who recharge with specific plans priced at Rs 251, Rs 299, and Rs 398.`

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