Ural Airlines flight emergency landing in Russia

We will provide the details regarding the Russian airliner, which had to be forced into a field. The general public is surfing the internet to find out more about the incident, and they would like to learn more about this airliner. We have therefore included details about the incident to our readers. In addition, we will also give specifics regarding the Russian airliner since people search for it on the internet. Keep reading the article to learn more.

Ural Airlines Emergency Landing

A failure in the hydraulics caused the Russian plane carrying 170 people to crash into an open field. The incident that left an Ural Airlines Airbus A320 stuck close to a forest located in the Novosibirsk region of Siberia and did not cause any injuries. Ural claimed that the location of the landing is “selected” from the perspective of the pilot after the plane’s hydraulic systems malfunctioned when it was approaching Omsk. In the aftermath of the incident Ural denied the claim that it was unable to repair its aircraft because of Russian restrictions. Photos of the plane in the cornfield, with the emergency doors opened and ramps in place, along with the onlookers mingling around were recorded.

To be able to get the plane out of its vicinity the heavy digger was seen cutting off the tail and wings on a short video shared through social media. It was reported that the “Unscheduled landing” occurred at around midnight on Tuesday according to Rosaviatsia the aviation organization for Russia. It also stated that the location of the landing was “selected by air” near the Kamenka settlement. In addition there was no indication that any of the passengers had sought medical attention. This emergency landing is subject to review as per Rosaviatsia and the crew was suspended pending the outcome of the investigation as per Ural. The hydraulic system of the plane malfunctioned while it was en route from Sochi in the Black Sea coast to Omsk According to Sergei Skuratov, the CEO of Ural Airlines.

As per his assessment, burn marks that appear above some of the wings on photos shared on social media are “just dirt” and he disputed assertions that the aircraft had caught the fire. The loss of control over flight could result from the hydraulic system of an aircraft that suffer catastrophic malfunction. Russian aviation authorities were not happy with the decision of the crew to land, saying they had backup systems. The A320 features three hydraulic systems as well as an electric system, as per the pilot Andrei Litvinov for Gazeta.ru. “The aircraft doesn’t have to be able to land in an open field.” The decision was, he claimed, one that puts the lives of people aboard and on the ground in danger.

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