Apple Watch Users Voice Concerns Over Flickering Display, Hints of Company Efforts to Resolve the Issue

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Apple Watch Display Flickering: Annoyance in Always On Mode

The Apple Watch is a remarkable piece of technology, but like any device, it’s not immune to occasional hiccups. Recently, Apple Watch users have been facing an irritating issue – flickering or pulsing display brightness when the Always On mode is enabled. In this article, we will delve into this problem and explore potential solutions.

The Apple Watch Flickering Issue

Apple enthusiasts who rely on their smartwatches have noticed an unwelcome occurrence when using Always On mode. The issue manifests as brief flickering or pulsing of the display when the user raises their wrist to fully light up the screen. This flickering is distracting and undermines the seamless experience that Apple Watch users have come to expect.

Affected Apple Watch Models

While an official list of affected models has not been provided by Apple, reports suggest that the problem is most prevalent on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. These two models, which were both launched recently, have garnered substantial attention due to their advanced features. It is unclear whether older models are experiencing this issue, but it appears that the latest software, watchOS 10, is susceptible.

Users’ Complaints

Apple’s loyal community of users is known for their active participation on forums and social media platforms. In response to the flickering issue, numerous Apple Watch users have taken to the Apple Community and Reddit to express their frustrations. Threads and discussions have popped up, filled with reports of the issue and users seeking solutions. The problem is widespread enough that it cannot be dismissed as an isolated incident.

Apple’s Awareness and Potential Fixes

An internal service memo intended for Apple Authorized Service Providers suggests that Apple is aware of the flickering problem. However, the memo does not specify which models are affected. This acknowledgment, at least, is a step in the right direction for affected users. Apple’s response to the issue is eagerly awaited, and users hope for a prompt resolution.

WatchOS 10.1 Update

The forthcoming WatchOS 10.1 update, scheduled to roll out next week, holds the promise of a solution. While there’s no official confirmation yet, it is expected that this update will address the flickering issue. Users are keeping a close eye on the official changelog to see if their grievances are finally acknowledged and resolved by Apple.

Temporary Solutions

Until Apple releases an official fix, the company suggests a temporary solution to mitigate the issue. Users can turn off the Always On mode by navigating to the Settings app under Display & Brightness > Always On. This might not be an ideal solution for those who value the convenience of the feature, but it can serve as a temporary workaround.


Apple Watch users have encountered an annoying issue with display flickering when the Always On mode is active. The problem, primarily affecting the Series 9 and Ultra 2 models, has garnered attention on Apple Community and Reddit forums. Apple is aware of the issue, and a potential fix may be on the horizon with the upcoming WatchOS 10.1 update. Until then, users can temporarily resolve the problem by disabling Always On mode.


  1. Is the flickering issue exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models?
    While not officially confirmed, reports suggest that these models are the most affected. Older models may also be experiencing this issue.
  2. When is the WatchOS 10.1 update expected to be released?
    The update is scheduled to roll out next week, but the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.
  3. Is Apple offering any immediate solutions for affected users?
    Apple suggests that users turn off the Always On mode as a temporary workaround.
  4. Are complications on certain Apple Watch models turning pink related to the flickering issue?
    Yes, some users have reported that complications turn pink when the wrist is raised. Apple is investigating this issue alongside the flickering problem.
  5. Will affected watches be repaired by Apple service providers?
    According to Apple, service providers should not repair affected watches at this time. They recommend keeping the software up to date, implying that a future watchOS update may address these issues.
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