Devil’s Plan: SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, Ha Seok Jin new trailer, poster

Devil’s Plan SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

Devil’s Plan: SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Ha Seok Jin Unveil New Trailer and Poster

In this article, we will provide details about SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Ha Seok Jin, as there is significant interest in them among the public who are actively searching for information about them online. People are eager to learn more about these artists, and there is also considerable buzz surrounding the ongoing viral news related to them. So, we’ve compiled information about Seungkwan, Ha Seok Jin, and the exciting new Netflix show titled Devil’s Plan in this article for our readers. Please continue reading for more insights.

Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN, alongside Ha Seok Jin and other actors, recently unveiled the main trailer and poster for Devil’s Plan, a thrilling psychological survival game show that is set to premiere on Netflix. The show offers participants, which include celebrities, influencers, and recruits from various walks of life, the chance to win a grand prize of up to 500 million Korean won. In this intriguing game, contestants are guided by the devil’s counsel to shed their social facades and reveal their true selves. The debut episode of Devil’s Plan is scheduled for release on September 26.

The newly revealed main poster for the show features 12 participants, each hanging from a massive purple demon while striking confident and defiant poses. These 12 individuals are ready to embark on a challenging journey where they will participate in games that may test their sanity, all for the promise of substantial rewards. As the devil’s game unfolds, they will face psychological challenges and make strategic decisions to outwit their competitors.

Competing for the top spot in Devil’s Plan, these participants have already showcased their impressive skills in their respective fields. The poster not only reflects their determination but also hints at the intriguing dynamics and mind-bending challenges that await them in the show.

In the main trailer, viewers get a glimpse of the participants’ initial interactions as they meet and greet one another. The host introduces the rules of Devil’s Plan, emphasizing that any plan allowed by the game is permissible, as long as it doesn’t involve altering one’s identity, resorting to violence, or attempting to steal the host. The participants are instructed to play only to win, marking the beginning of a high-stakes battle of wits. The trailer also provides insight into the game’s setting, the cast members’ initial reactions, and the arrival of two contestants, Lee Hye Sung and Seo Yu Min, who share a friendly embrace, setting the stage for an exciting and suspenseful game.

With Devil’s Plan set to challenge the minds and strategies of its participants, audiences can look forward to an engaging and thought-provoking survival show as the players navigate the twists and turns of this psychological game.

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