[Exclusive] Apple iPhone SE 4 CAD Renders Hint at Fresh Design, Resembling iPhone 14

Apple iPhone SE 4

iPhone SE4 CAD Renders Reveal Exciting Upgrades

The era of affordable iPhones seems to be making a comeback, with Apple’s iPhone SE range set to receive a significant overhaul. Recent CAD renders obtained exclusively by 91mobiles provide a glimpse into what could be Apple’s iPhone SE 4, showcasing several exciting upgrades and design changes.

Introduction to the iPhone SE4 CAD renders

The iPhone SE 4 is poised to be a departure from its predecessors, moving away from the traditional design elements of the iPhone SE range. These CAD renders offer a sneak peek into the potential features and aesthetics of Apple’s upcoming budget-friendly offering.

Notable upgrades in the iPhone SE 4

Unlike previous iterations that relied on older iPhone models, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to bring substantial upgrades to the table. With a larger display, advanced Face ID integration, and other enhancements, Apple seems determined to redefine what an affordable iPhone can offer.

Display and Face ID integration

One of the most significant changes in the iPhone SE 4 is the adoption of a notched screen similar to the iPhone 13/14 series. The 6.1-inch display marks a significant upgrade over the iPhone SE 5G’s 4.7-inch screen, providing users with a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, the inclusion of Face ID technology enhances security and convenience for users.

Camera specifications

Despite being a budget-friendly option, the iPhone SE 4 doesn’t compromise on camera quality. The CAD renders suggest that the device will feature a single primary camera at the back, maintaining continuity with its predecessors while ensuring reliable performance for everyday photography needs.

Physical dimensions and design changes

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to maintain a compact form factor, with dimensions similar to those of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. This consistency in size allows for seamless integration with existing accessories while providing users with a familiar and comfortable feel.

Speculated features: Action Button and USB-C port

While the CAD renders provide valuable insights into the iPhone SE 4’s design, some features remain speculative. Reports suggest the possibility of an Action Button and a USB-C port, although these details are yet to be confirmed. If included, these features could further enhance the device’s functionality and connectivity options.

Expected release date and potential debut

Although the iPhone SE 4 is slated for release in 2025, rumors hint at the possibility of an earlier debut. With speculation surrounding its potential unveiling alongside the iPhone 16 series, Apple could capitalize on consumer interest and anticipation by introducing the device sooner than expected.

Impact on the iPhone lineup and sales strategy

The introduction of the iPhone SE 4 could have significant implications for Apple’s iPhone lineup and sales strategy. By offering a budget-friendly option with modern features and capabilities, Apple aims to cater to a broader audience and bolster its market presence, particularly in developing countries.


In conclusion, the iPhone SE 4 represents a bold step forward for Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone range. With its notable upgrades, sleek design, and anticipated debut, the device is poised to make a significant impact on the market and redefine consumer expectations for affordable smartphones.


Will the iPhone SE 4 support 5G connectivity?

While specific details regarding connectivity options are yet to be confirmed, it’s highly likely that the iPhone SE 4 will support 5G technology, considering Apple’s commitment to integrating the latest advancements in its devices.

Can we expect the iPhone SE 4 to come in multiple color options?

Apple typically offers its devices in a variety of color options to cater to diverse consumer preferences. As such, it’s reasonable to assume that the iPhone SE 4 may be available in multiple color variants upon its release.

What price range can we expect for the iPhone SE 4?

Pricing details for the iPhone SE 4 have not been officially announced. However, given its positioning as a budget-friendly option within Apple’s lineup, it’s expected to be competitively priced to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Will the iPhone SE 4 feature water and dust resistance?

While water and dust resistance have become standard features in many modern smartphones, it’s unclear whether the iPhone SE 4 will boast such capabilities. Further information regarding its durability and resistance features may be revealed closer to its release.

Is the iPhone SE 4 expected to include any bundled accessories?

Apple often includes essential accessories such as charging cables and adapters with its devices. Whether the iPhone SE 4 will come with bundled accessories or require separate purchases remains to be seen.

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