Fraser Olender: Unveiling the Personal Journey and Orientation of a Public Figure


Fraser Olender: The Trailblazer of Below Deck’s Diverse Cast

Introducing Fraser Olender

In the vibrant world of luxury yachting, few individuals stand out as distinctly as Fraser Olender, Below Deck’s first openly gay male chief steward. His journey, marked by professional excellence and personal authenticity, shines a spotlight on diversity within the maritime reality TV landscape. Born on July 7, 1992, in London, England, Fraser Olender’s global upbringing and innate zest for life have propelled him to noteworthy heights at the tender age of 31.

Journey to Below Deck

Olender’s transition from a London talent agent to yachting came as a pursuit of passion. His career on the high seas began in 2018, and he quickly ascended through the ranks with his impressive work ethic and dedication. His time on Below Deck commenced in season nine as the second stew under Heather Chase, where his meticulous attention to detail caught the eye of Captain Lee Rosbach. Despite facing challenges, including clashes with deckhand Jake Foulger and feeling undervalued by Heather, Fraser’s commitment never wavered. His return in season ten as chief stew—a role he has coveted—offers him the chance to showcase his leadership and creativity.

A Global Citizen

Fraser Olender’s life narrative is enriched by his extensive travel to over 60 countries. This exposure has afforded him a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and cuisines, further enhancing his versatility as a chief steward. Fluent in French and Spanish, with conversational abilities in Italian and Portuguese, Fraser is as linguistically talented as he is in hospitality. Beyond yachting, he’s an avid diver, skier, hiker, and photographer, bringing a well-rounded perspective to his professional endeavors.

Championing LGBTQ+ Representation

Olender’s prominence on Below Deck is not just a personal achievement but also a significant stride for LGBTQ+ representation in reality television. As a proud and outspoken member of the gay community, he brings visibility and a sense of inclusivity to the show, inspiring viewers and colleagues alike. His openness about his identity and experiences adds a layer of relatability and depth to the program, setting a precedent for future seasons.

Behind the Scenes: A Talent Agent Turned Yacht Steward

Before his yachting days, Fraser honed his skills as a talent agent, a role that equipped him with a unique set of abilities that he seamlessly transferred to the maritime world. His keen eye for talent and adeptness in managing high-profile personalities now serve him well in the demanding environment of luxury service on a superyacht.

A Look at Below Deck’s Season Ten

As Below Deck sails into its tenth season, viewers are keen to witness Fraser Olender’s evolution from second stew to chief stew. His journey reflects not just personal growth but also the series’ commitment to showcasing diverse and dynamic personalities. With a reputation for his razor-sharp observations and unwavering work ethic, Fraser is set to steer the interior team towards uncharted waters of success.

Multifaceted Life of Fraser Olender

Beyond the cameras and the glitz of yachting, Fraser is an individual of many layers. Whether it’s mastering a new language, conquering a mountain peak, or capturing the world through his lens, he embodies a spirit of adventure and discovery. His love for the ocean and the art of service shines through every task he undertakes, marking him as a distinctive figure in the luxury yachting realm.

Fraser Olender’s Impact on Below Deck and Beyond

Fraser Olender’s role on Below Deck extends beyond the screen; he is an icon for progress within the maritime industry and an advocate for LGBTQ+ presence in media. His story is a testament to the fact that with passion, resilience, and authenticity, barriers can be broken and new standards set. As he continues to navigate the challenges and triumphs of yachting, Fraser remains a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for change.


At the helm of Below Deck’s interior crew, Fraser Olender is more than just a reality TV personality; he is a pioneer, a world traveler, and a beacon of diversity. His multifaceted life story and dedication to his craft stand as a testament to his character and to the spirit of the show that celebrates him.

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