Free COVID Test Kits Return – how to get yours


\Starting on September 25, you have the option to use to request up to four free test kits for your home.

These test kits, which are intended for usage through the end of 2023, are made to recognize the common COVID-19 variations that are now in use. Given that many of them have had their expiration dates extended beyond what may be listed on the packaging, the kits will also include information on how to confirm extended expiration dates.

These test kits can be ordered without difficulty; there is no shipping fee, and you won’t ever be asked for your credit card number or bank account information. Only your name and mailing address must be provided. You can voluntarily provide your email address if you want to get confirmation and delivery updates from the USPS. It’s critical to understand that anyone asking for further information is probably a scammer. To be secure:

1. To order your free test kits directly from the federal government, go to When you start the ordering procedure, will be the destination. Always check the URL in your browser’s address bar if you are navigating from a news item.

2. The federal government will never reach out to you by phone, text, or email to ask for personal information in order to help you get free test kits. Never respond to such inquiries by giving your credit card, bank account, or Social Security information. Instead, file a report with the FTC at for any questionable conduct.

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