Google Introduces New Features for Enhanced Safe Browsing on Chrome: Password Protection, Tab Groups, and More

Google releases new features for safe browsing on Chrome

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Google’s Latest Chrome Features: Enhancing Security and Performance

In the ever-evolving world of web browsers, Google Chrome has consistently been at the forefront, setting new standards for performance, user experience, and security. To maintain its leading position, Google recently introduced a range of innovative features aimed at making your browsing experience even better. In this article, we’ll dive into the latest updates from Google, including an improved Safety Check, advanced performance controls, and the ability to save tab groups for organized browsing across devices.

What’s New in Google Chrome?

Safety Check: Your Personalized Guardian

One of the standout features of the latest Chrome update is the enhanced Safety Check. Google has revamped this security feature to be more personalized and proactive than ever before. Now, Chrome will run automatic background checks to keep you informed about potential security risks.

The new Safety Check feature will:

  • Alert you if your saved passwords have been compromised.
  • Identify and warn about potentially harmful browser extensions.
  • Notify you of outdated Chrome versions that may pose security risks.
  • Highlight site permissions that require your attention.

These alerts will be conveniently displayed in the three-dot menu in Chrome, allowing you to take immediate action. This proactive approach to security ensures that your browsing experience remains safe and secure.

Revoking Site Permissions for Added Security

Google is taking safety a step further by allowing Chrome to automatically revoke site permissions for websites you haven’t visited in a while. This means that sensitive information, such as access to your location or microphone, will only be granted to websites you actively use. By limiting unnecessary access, Chrome provides an extra layer of security and privacy.

Putting an End to Notification Overload

Do you find yourself bombarded with notifications from less-engaged websites? Google has got you covered. Chrome’s upgraded Safety Check can now identify and flag websites that excessively bombard you with notifications. This feature gives you an easy way to disable notifications from these sites, providing a more peaceful browsing experience.

Performance Controls: Taking Chrome to the Next Level

Google is committed to making Chrome run as smoothly as possible. Building on the success of last year’s Memory Saver mode, Google has introduced a new and smarter performance control feature. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Get detailed information about your tab memory usage by simply hovering over them in Memory Saver mode.
  • Understand the potential memory saved when tabs become inactive, giving you insights into your browser’s resource utilization.
  • Specify which websites should always remain active for a more customized and controlled performance experience.

To set up Memory Saver mode, navigate to the Performance section in the settings and toggle Memory Saver on. These performance controls empower you to have a more efficient and responsive browsing experience.

Save Tab Groups: Stay Organized Across Devices

For those who like to keep their browsing organized, Chrome is introducing the ability to save tab groups. This feature, rolling out over the next few weeks on Chrome desktop, allows you to declutter and organize your tabs efficiently. What’s more, Google has added cross-device functionality, enabling you to access your saved tab groups on other desktop devices.

This feature is especially beneficial for users who work on multiple projects or conduct research across various websites. By saving tab groups, you can easily pick up where you left off, resulting in a more streamlined and productive browsing experience.

The Future: Chrome and AI

Google has teased that more exciting updates are on the horizon. In the near future, Chrome will be enhanced with AI capabilities powered by their new AI model, Gemini. While the specifics are yet to be unveiled, it’s clear that Google is dedicated to making Chrome even smarter and more helpful.


Google’s commitment to enhancing Chrome’s security and performance is evident in these new features. The revamped Safety Check, advanced performance controls, and the ability to save tab groups demonstrate Google’s dedication to providing users with the best browsing experience possible. As we look forward to the integration of AI into Chrome, it’s clear that Google is determined to stay ahead in the browser game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When will these new Chrome features be available? Google is rolling out these features gradually, so they should become available on your Chrome browser soon.
  2. Can I customize which websites remain active in Memory Saver mode? Yes, you can specify which websites should always remain active, giving you more control over your browser’s performance.
  3. How do I save and access tab groups in Chrome? You can save tab groups on Chrome desktop, and they can be accessed on other desktop devices for a seamless browsing experience.
  4. Are these new features available on mobile versions of Chrome? Google has primarily focused on desktop versions for now, but mobile updates may follow.
  5. What can we expect from Chrome’s AI model, Gemini? While details are scarce, Google aims to introduce smarter and more helpful features to Chrome in the near future using Gemini AI.
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