Google Pixel Car Crash Detection Feature Now Available in India: How It Works

Google Pixel car crash detection

Car Crash Detection Feature by Google Pixel Expands to India and More Countries

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is continually evolving to provide us with a safer and more secure environment. In a remarkable move, Google has expanded its ‘Car Crash Detection’ feature to five additional countries, including India. This feature is designed to detect if you’ve been involved in a car accident and promptly contacts emergency services on your behalf. Let’s dive into the details of this innovative feature and how it can potentially save lives.

Evolution of Car Crash Detection

Google introduced the ‘Car Crash Detection’ feature for Pixel phones back in 2014. As the name implies, this feature is engineered to detect if you’ve been in a car accident. Initially, it was only available in the United States, but Google has now broadened its horizons by making this lifesaving feature accessible to more countries, including India.

Pixel Car Crash Detection Goes Global

This groundbreaking feature is now available in a total of 20 countries, with its recent expansion to India, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, and Switzerland. The expansion was officially confirmed and updated on Google’s support page, with credit to the keen-eyed tech enthusiast, Mishaal Rahman.

How Does It Work?

The Pixel Car Crash Detection feature operates by automatically contacting emergency services and sharing your location if it detects that you might have been in a car accident. Moreover, if someone finds your phone at the accident site, they can access your lock screen message and crucial emergency information.

Setting Up Pixel Car Crash Detection

Activating this feature on your Pixel phone is a straightforward process:

  1. Open the ‘Personal Safety’ app on your phone.
    2. Click on ‘Features.’
    3. Scroll down to locate “Car crash detection.”
    4. Click on ‘Set up.’
    5. Grant permission to “Allow while the app is in use” when prompted to share your location.
    6. You will also need to allow access to your microphone and physical activity.
    7. Save your emergency information within the ‘Personal Safety’ app. It’s worth noting that some carriers may also have pre-saved emergency numbers.

This feature is available on Pixel 4a and later models, including the recently launched Pixel Fold. It relies on your phone’s location, motion sensors, and nearby sounds to detect a potential car crash. As part of its functionality, it requires access to your location, physical activity, and microphone permissions, which is why granting these permissions during setup is crucial.

Imperfections and Considerations

While the Pixel Car Crash Detection feature is undoubtedly a remarkable advancement in personal safety, it’s not without its limitations. It may not detect all types of crashes and could sometimes misinterpret high-impact activities as car accidents, leading to erroneous alerts to emergency services. Additionally, in scenarios with poor cellular connectivity or during an ongoing call, it might face difficulties in contacting emergency services. Nevertheless, it remains an invaluable and potentially life-saving feature.

In conclusion, Google’s decision to expand the ‘Car Crash Detection’ feature to India and several other countries is a significant leap towards ensuring personal safety on the road. By swiftly alerting emergency services in the event of a potential car accident, this feature has the potential to save lives. While it’s not infallible, its benefits outweigh its imperfections, making it a crucial addition to Pixel phones for users in India and around the world.


Is the Car Crash Detection feature available on all Pixel models?

No, it is available on Pixel 4a and later models, including the Pixel Fold.

What permissions are required to use this feature?

You’ll need to grant permission for location, physical activity, and microphone access during setup.

Does this feature work perfectly in all situations?

It may not detect all crashes and can sometimes misinterpret high-impact activities. Poor cellular connectivity or ongoing calls might also affect its functionality.

Can I use this feature with any carrier in India?

In India, emergency numbers are already available with every telco, making it compatible with various carriers.

How can I disable the Car Crash Detection feature if I no longer need it?

You can disable the feature by going to the ‘Personal Safety’ app and accessing the settings within the ‘Car crash detection’ feature.

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