Google Podcasts Shutting Down in 2024 – Set to Merge with YouTube Music

Google Podcasts Shutting Down in 2024

Google Podcasts to Merge with YouTube Music in 2024

In a world that constantly seeks to streamline our digital experiences, Google has taken a significant step towards enhancing user convenience. In a recent announcement, Google revealed its plans to shut down Google Podcasts by 2024 and merge its functionalities seamlessly with YouTube Music. This strategic move aims to create a single, comprehensive platform that caters to both music and podcast enthusiasts, offering a unified audio experience like never before.

Current Landscape

As it stands, Google has been providing users with two separate apps for their audio entertainment needs. One is YouTube Music, designed primarily for music streaming, and the other is Google Podcasts, a dedicated platform for podcast consumption. While having options is usually appreciated, this dual-app approach has left users yearning for a more integrated and user-friendly experience.

For those who enjoy the harmony of music and the richness of podcasts, the current setup can be somewhat cumbersome. It requires users to switch between apps, disrupting the flow of their audio journey. Recognizing this dilemma, Google has decided to address the issue and offer a more cohesive experience by merging these two applications into one unified platform: YouTube Music.

Merger in 2024

The official announcement came through a blog post on YouTube, confirming that Google Podcasts would cease to exist in 2024. Launched initially on Android devices in 2018, Google Podcasts has been a free platform for accessing a wide array of podcasts and enjoying personalized recommendations. It also facilitated the tracking of in-progress and new episodes of users’ favorite podcasts.

All these features and functionalities will soon find their new home within YouTube Music. This means that users will no longer need a separate app to enjoy their favorite podcasts; they can seamlessly access them directly through YouTube Music, enhancing both convenience and efficiency.

This integration isn’t entirely unprecedented, as Google has already been offering podcast listening for US-based users through YouTube Music without requiring a paid membership. However, this move aims to expand these capabilities globally, ensuring that a broader audience can enjoy the benefits of this merger.

Reasons Behind the Merger

The decision to merge Google Podcasts with YouTube Music wasn’t made in haste. Data revealed a significant disparity in user preferences between the two platforms. A mere 4% of weekly podcast listeners in the United States preferred Google Podcasts, while a substantial 23% chose YouTube as their go-to podcast listening service. This stark contrast in user engagement played a pivotal role in the merger decision.

The closure of Google Podcasts comes with a silver lining, as YouTube plans to enhance its podcast offerings within YouTube Music, a move scheduled to be completed before the year’s end. To further ease the transition, Google will provide Podcasts users with essential migration tools. These tools will enable users to seamlessly transfer their podcast subscriptions and data to YouTube Music. Moreover, users will have the option to download an OPML file containing their podcast subscriptions, providing flexibility for those who wish to explore alternative platforms.

Future of Audio Entertainment

Google’s decision to merge Google Podcasts with YouTube Music aligns with the industry trend of providing users with a one-stop solution for their audio entertainment needs. This move puts Google in direct competition with one of its biggest rivals, Spotify, which also offers a similar, integrated functionality.


Merger of Google Podcasts with YouTube Music in 2024 signifies a significant leap towards a more user-centric, unified audio experience. With the convenience of accessing music and podcasts on a single platform, users can look forward to a seamless and enriched audio journey. As the migration tools and expanded podcast offerings roll out, Google aims to make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that users can continue enjoying their favorite podcasts without disruption.


1. When will Google Podcasts be merged with YouTube Music?

Google has announced that the merger will take place in 2024.

2. Will I need a paid membership to listen to podcasts on YouTube Music?

No, Google intends to offer podcast listening within YouTube Music for free, as it currently does for US-based users.

3. Can I transfer my podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music during the merger?

Yes, Google will provide migration tools to assist users in transferring their podcast subscriptions and data to YouTube Music.

4. What if I want to switch to a different platform instead of YouTube Music?

Users will have the option to download an OPML file containing their podcast subscriptions, providing flexibility for exploring alternative platforms.

5. How does this merger affect Google’s competition with Spotify?

This move positions Google in direct competition with Spotify, as both companies now offer integrated music and podcast functionalities within a single platform.

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