Huawei Mate 60 Pro Drop Test Shows Kunlun Glass’ Toughness Could Challenge Corning Gorilla Glass

Huawei Mate 60 Pro Drop Test Shows Kunlun Glass

Huawei Mate 60 Pro Drop Test Shows Kunlun Glass’ Toughness, Posing a Threat to Corning Gorilla Glass

According to a recent drop test of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Kunlun Glass from Huawei may be a serious competitor to Corning Gorilla Glass.

Primary Highlights

– Kunlun Glass is a brand-exclusive reinforced glass developed by Huawei to improve display protection.
– The Mate 60 Pro has second-generation Kunlun Glass installed.
– In numerous durability tests, the smartphone’s display survived surprisingly well.

The display is frequently cited as one of the most fragile and expensive to fix components in discussions regarding smartphone durability. Smartphone manufacturers frequently choose reinforced glass, such Corning Gorilla Glass, to increase protection. While not an exception, Huawei uses its exclusive Kunlun Glass on a few of its Mate and P-series handsets. A recent drop test sheds light on the durability of the second-generation Kunlun Glass, which is a feature of the most recent Mate 60 Pro.

HUAWEI MATE 60 PRO Durability and Drop Test

The Huawei Mate 60 Pro underwent a drop test, which was documented on film by the PBKReviews YouTube channel. The brief movie takes Huawei’s most recent flagship through a number of tests, including being ran over by a car to determine how durable the display is.

The host starts by removing the Mate 60 Pro’s pre-installed screen protector. Dropping the smartphone onto a concrete floor at head height is the first step of the drop test. Two drops were made, the first with the screen facing downward and the second with the back panel. The smartphone’s display and frame both received some scratches, however the display was still completely operational.

The phone was supposed to land on its side with the third drop, which similarly came from head height. However, as it impacted the ground on the rear, the camera bezel glass fractured. The final drop came from the side as well, although it was at waist level. The display panel was unharmed, but the phone’s back and side sustained more scrapes.

The Mate 60 Pro was put through another durability test that involved having a car gently run over it while the display was facing the ground. Surprisingly, the phone survived this trial in perfect working order. The next step involved checking for scratches by immersing the smartphone in a bath of sand and stones.

In conclusion, the Huawei Mate 60 Pro easily passed all drop testing and durability tests. The display was flawless and did not have any physical flaws. Even worse, the host claimed that Corning Gorilla Glass would currently fall short of Kunlun Glass.

Even though the Mate 60 Pro’s display passed these tests with flying colors in terms of durability, it is still wise to exercise caution. It is advised to use a high-quality screen protector in addition to enhanced display protection. A protective case can also help protect the smartphone from unintentional drops and bumps.

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