IndiGo Airlines Achieves Record Net Profit of ₹188.9 Crore, Emerging as India’s Largest Airline


IndiGo’s Recent Profit and Airlines Updates

Understanding IndiGo’s Profit Report and Future Challenges

In today’s article, we’ll delve into the recent profit of India’s leading airline, IndiGo. The public is eager to know more about the airline’s financial performance and stay updated with the latest in the aviation industry. We’ve got you covered with insights into IndiGo’s recent profit report and the challenges they face.

IndiGo’s Surprising Net Profit

IndiGo, operated by InterGlobe Aviation Ltd., reported a net profit of ₹188.9 crore in the September quarter. This achievement is remarkable, considering the airline had faced a loss of ₹1,583 crore in the same period last year. It’s worth noting that the September quarter is usually a slow season for the travel business, making IndiGo’s success even more impressive.

Boosted Revenue

Total revenue for IndiGo saw a significant increase of 20.6% from the same period in the previous year, reaching ₹15,503 crore. This substantial growth indicates a positive shift in the airline’s performance.

Rare Profit Moments

IndiGo’s recent net profit for the quarter is not a common occurrence. Since going public in November 2015, the airline has reported a net profit for the quarter only twice before, in 2016 and 2017. This makes the current profit report all the more noteworthy.

Capacity Scarcity Concerns

Despite surpassing expectations with their recent profits, IndiGo is not without its challenges. The airline anticipates a significant capacity scarcity in 2024 due to issues with the Pratt & Whitney engines that power their A320 neo and A321 neo aircraft.

Pratt & Whitney Engine Concerns

In July, Pratt & Whitney announced a need to test 1,200 engines globally to evaluate issues with the metal used in the production of PW-1100G engine parts. IndiGo operates 150 of these affected aircraft, though the exact number of impacted engines is uncertain. According to Gaurav Negi, the company’s chief financial officer, these accelerated inspections and additional shop visits are expected to negatively affect IndiGo’s operating fleet from Q4 onward, extending through January 1, 2024.

Efforts to Compensate for Capacity Shortfall

IndiGo is actively working to mitigate the challenges posed by the capacity shortfall. They’ve already grounded forty aircraft due to previous engine problems. The airline is extending leases, re-inducting 36 aircraft, and retaining 14 A320ceos with current engine options in their fleet. Additionally, damp leases have been secured for two aircraft on the Istanbul route, and eleven more will be introduced into service this month. Furthermore, they plan to lease an additional twelve A320ceos from the secondary market, with deliveries scheduled to begin in January 2024.


IndiGo’s recent net profit is a significant achievement, and their commitment to addressing the capacity scarcity issue demonstrates their determination to continue excelling in the aviation industry. Stay tuned for further updates as IndiGo’s story unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What contributed to IndiGo’s remarkable profit in the September quarter?

IndiGo’s profit in the September quarter was primarily driven by increased air travel and a boost in total revenue.

How does the recent profit report of IndiGo compare to previous years?

This recent profit report is a standout, as IndiGo has reported a net profit for the quarter only twice since going public in 2015.

What challenges does IndiGo anticipate in the near future?

IndiGo foresees a significant capacity scarcity in 2024 due to issues with Pratt & Whitney engines that power some of their aircraft.

How is IndiGo addressing the capacity shortfall issue?

IndiGo is taking proactive steps to compensate for the capacity shortfall by grounding affected aircraft, extending leases, and introducing new aircraft into their fleet.

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