Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist: Ehsan digs up Viaan’s past

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist

Read this article to find out what happens if Ehsan find out everything about Katha after examining his past on the popular series Katha Ankahee. We’re giving you an alert because this article includes spoilers. It is recommended to look up the article for more information and details about the same. Keep following us for the latest insights and the latest updates.

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist

In the cult Hindi television program Katha Ankahee, we have seen that Ehsan gets close to finding the answer to the mystery one night. Now the question is: do you think he will reveal all the details to Maya? Let’s get into the details and look into this story. The 11th of September, 2023 the most recent twist to the Katha Ankahee depicts that Tejji has a panic attack and Aarav takes care of her and looks after her. Aarav is a highly intelligent child, and he was taught all he could about everything in his early years because of Katha’s childhood. On the other side, Maya goes to talk to Ehsan about her desire to learn everything concerning Katha and Viaan’s romance, and consequently she is able to understand the events that transpired between Katha as well as Viaan. Then, she spoke about the past with Katha as well as Vivaan but they weren’t able to reveal everything to her. The next time, you need to keep an eye out for the next twist in the story that awaits you where Maya and Tejji uncover the mysteries of the past.

But, since Katha’s past is exposed, it does not end the relationship between KaViaan and Katha. Based on reports, Katha’s next episode will feature a twist on September 12. episode and the latest episode of Katha Ankahee, we can see Maya arrived to meet Kathan as well as Viaan and now wants to learn all the details about their relationship but they’ve never disclosed the truth However, in the meantime we see Katha becomes emotional while discussing about her personal life. afterward, it is discovered in the episode that Maya called Reeva invitation to her for the wedding and we’ll see the implication of Maya’s new strategy. In the next episode, we will be able to be able to see Aarav is extremely happy to buy gifts to celebrate the wedding of his parents.

Then, we discover that Maya arrives and has all the information of the surgery. However, she’s wondering what Katha was able to pay for the operation. Keep an eye on our website to know more about the twists that are coming up in the series.

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