National Daughter’s Day: Hilarious and Cringe-Worthy Moments from the 1994 ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day

As their daughters answered to the reporter’s questions, parents giggled and possibly reddened a little.

CINCINNATI — National Daughter’s Day is a unique celebration of the amazing value of having a daughter. The purpose of the holiday, which was first observed in 2007, is to honor the attractive, intelligent, and funny young ladies who make their parents’ lives better.

A reporter went to numerous workplaces in 1994 that had hosted the daughters of employees for a day. Even though this happened 13 years before the holiday was created, the main idea remained the same: a day set aside to highlight daughters and the priceless contributions they provide.

Enjoy the humorous answers to the funny question, “What’s something you know about your mom that her boss isn’t aware of?” by watching the video.

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