OnePlus’ Head of Software Affirms OxygenOS Will Not Revert to Stock UI

OnePlus’ Head of Software Confirms Stock

The Future of OxygenOS: OnePlus and Oppo Integration Unveiled

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, OnePlus, known for its fan-favorite OxygenOS, made a groundbreaking announcement in 2021. The smartphone giant officially confirmed its deeper integration with Oppo, a move that sparked curiosity and concern among OnePlus enthusiasts. With both companies sharing resources and technologies, the big question was: Will we see a return of the beloved stock UI in OxygenOS? In this article, we dive into the details of this partnership and what it means for the future of OxygenOS.

OxygenOS: A Fan Favorite

OnePlus has carved a niche for itself by offering OxygenOS, a custom Android skin that garnered immense popularity among users. It distinguished itself with a clean stock UI that was highly regarded for its simplicity and user-friendliness. OnePlus users enjoyed the best of both worlds: the flexibility of Android and the finesse of OxygenOS.

The Integration Unveiled

The integration with Oppo brought about substantial changes to the OnePlus ecosystem. Gary Chen, OnePlus Product Partnership Lead, and Zach Lin, Lead on OxygenOS Product, recently shed light on this transition. Both OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS now share the same codebase, allowing for improved quality and more streamlined updates.

The New Design Philosophy

Chen revealed that the design philosophy of OxygenOS is shifting towards an “Aquamorphic Design,” aligning it with ColorOS. This change brings a vibrant color system and shared design elements such as icons, widgets, wallpapers, ringtones, and Always-On Display (AOD). Chen stated, “Our ultimate goal is to synergistically combine the finest aspects of both products, resulting in a new and exceptional offering.”

The Fate of Stock UI

For OnePlus enthusiasts hoping for the return of the stock UI, there might be disappointment on the horizon. Chen’s remarks suggest that OxygenOS is unlikely to revert to the stock UI in the near future. When asked if OnePlus plans to offer users a choice between stock UI and the new OxygenOS UI, Chen did not provide a definitive answer, leaving room for speculation.

What’s New in OxygenOS 14

Despite the changes, OxygenOS 14 promises exciting features and improvements. Some notable additions include Fluid Cloud, Aquamorphic Design, a fresh color palette, new ringtones, and notification tones. Lin hinted at various productivity features but remained tight-lipped about the potential development of a desktop mode akin to Samsung’s DeX.

The Foldable Future

OnePlus has been making waves with its foray into foldable phones. While details remain scarce, Chen and Lin revealed that OnePlus is collaborating closely with Google to create features tailored for foldable devices. The eagerly anticipated OnePlus foldable phone is rumored to launch soon, promising answers to the questions surrounding OxygenOS’ foldable-focused features.


The integration of OnePlus and Oppo has ushered in changes to OxygenOS, aligning it with Oppo’s ColorOS while retaining some customized elements. For those hoping for a return to the stock UI, the future might not be what they expected. Nevertheless, OxygenOS 14 brings a slew of exciting features and improvements that will likely keep OnePlus users engaged and eager for what lies ahead.


1. Is OnePlus discontinuing OxygenOS?

No, OnePlus is not discontinuing OxygenOS. However, it is undergoing changes to align with Oppo’s ColorOS.

2. Will I still get software updates for my OnePlus device?

Yes, OnePlus will continue to provide software updates for its devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

3. Can I switch between the new OxygenOS UI and the stock UI?

There is no official confirmation yet, but OnePlus may offer users the option to choose between the two UIs in the future.

4. When can we expect the OnePlus foldable phone?

The OnePlus foldable phone is rumored to launch soon, and more details should be available at the upcoming OnePlus Open launch event.

5. What are the standout features of OxygenOS 14?

OxygenOS 14 introduces Fluid Cloud, Aquamorphic Design, a new color palette, fresh ringtones, and notification tones, among other enhancements.

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