OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 Confirmed as Identical Phones by Pete Lau

Oneplus Open and Oppo Find N3

OnePlus Open vs. OPPO Find N3: The Future of Foldable Phones

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, innovation knows no bounds. OnePlus, the renowned brand for delivering top-tier smartphones, is stepping into the world of foldable devices with its much-anticipated OnePlus Open. Coincidentally, OPPO, OnePlus’s sister company, is also gearing up to unveil its third-generation foldable phone, the OPPO Find N3. What makes this exciting is the recent revelation by Pete Lau, the Founder of OnePlus and Chief Product Officer of OPPO, that these two foldable devices are essentially the same. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these foldable wonders and what they mean for the future of smartphones.

OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3: One and the Same

The buzz surrounding the OnePlus Open has been steadily building. Renders and leaks have given us a glimpse of its design, and according to Max Jambor of Bloomberg, it’s set to make its global debut on October 19. Now, the cat’s out of the bag, with Pete Lau confirming that the OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 will be launched simultaneously in different markets. This move underscores the synergy and shared vision between the two brands.

Pursuing Excellence in Foldable Technology

Lau emphasized that the core mission of both OnePlus and OPPO is to craft the best foldable smartphones. OnePlus, known for its lightning-fast performance, and OPPO, renowned for their prowess in foldable design and camera technology, are poised to bring the best of both worlds to their customers.

While specific details remain guarded, Lau did shed light on some key improvements. He highlighted a refined hinge design and the return of the iconic OnePlus Alert Slider to the foldable smartphone. OnePlus has developed an impressive 35 hinge-based patents to provide an unparalleled foldable experience. The most significant improvement, however, is the hinge size, which has been reduced by 37% compared to its predecessor, the OPPO Find N2. Moreover, the new hinge boasts 31 fewer components, making the OnePlus Open both lighter and more robust.

OnePlus Open: Unleashing the Specifications

Pete Lau’s enthusiasm for the OnePlus Open is contagious, and while he didn’t divulge all the details, numerous leaks have already given us a fair idea of what to expect:


  • A stunning 7.8-inch foldable AMOLED display
  • 2K resolution for crisp visuals
  • A remarkable 120Hz refresh rate for smooth interactions
  • An aspect ratio of 8.4:9

Cover Display:

  • A practical 6.3-inch AMOLED screen
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • An aspect ratio of 18:9

Processing Power:

  • Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor
  • Adreno 740 GPU for exceptional graphics performance


Memory and Storage:

  • Offers up to 16GB of RAM for seamless multitasking
  • 256GB of storage for all your apps, photos, and videos


  • A versatile camera setup, including a 48MP primary sensor
  • A 48MP ultra-wide camera for stunning landscapes
  • A 64MP telephoto lens with 3x zoom and Hasselblad tuning

Front Camera:

  • A 20MP front camera when the phone is folded
  • A 32MP front camera when unfolded


  • A robust 4,800mAh battery ensures all-day usage
  • 67W fast charging for quick power top-ups


Running on Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.1 for a sleek user experience


The OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 are set to usher in a new era of foldable smartphones. With Pete Lau’s confirmation of their shared identity, it’s evident that these devices will redefine our expectations of what a foldable phone can be. Sleek design, powerhouse performance, and cutting-edge technology make the OnePlus Open a force to be reckoned with.

As the release date approaches, anticipation is at an all-time high. Smartphone enthusiasts worldwide are eager to get their hands on these remarkable foldable devices and experience the future of mobile technology.


1. When will the OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 be available for purchase?

While an official release date is set for October 19, availability may vary by region. Keep an eye on official announcements for specific launch dates.

2. What distinguishes the OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3 from other foldable phones?

These devices aim to combine OnePlus’s speed and performance with OPPO’s expertise in foldable design and camera technology, creating a unique and powerful foldable smartphone.

3. Can I expect long battery life from the OnePlus Open?

Yes, the OnePlus Open comes equipped with a 4,800mAh battery and 67W fast charging, ensuring extended usage and quick recharging.

4. Are there any unique software features on the OnePlus Open?

Running on Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.1, the OnePlus Open offers a seamless and user-friendly software experience.

5. Where can I purchase the OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3?

These smartphones will be available through authorized retailers and official online stores. Stay tuned for more information as the launch date approaches.

Get ready to embrace the future of smartphones with the OnePlus Open and OPPO Find N3. Stay tuned for updates, and don’t miss out on the chance to own one of the most innovative foldable devices to date.

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