Pitru Paksha 2023: पितृपक्ष के दौरान आपके पूर्वज रहते हैं आपके आस-पास, इन संकेतों से चलता है पता

Pitru Paksha 2023

Families are expected to carry out rituals, offer pinda daan (rice balls), and make offerings to their ancestors during Pitru Paksha as a sign of respect. It is thought that during this time, our ancestors are particularly close to us. Let’s examine these indicators for Pitru Paksha:

1. The existence of a peepal tree Hinduism holds that the peepal tree is home to ancestral spirits. During Pitru Paksha, it is said that if a peepal tree emerges unexpectedly next to your house, your ancestors are nearby.

2. Red Ants: Another indication that your ancestors are nearby during Pitru Paksha is having a lot of red ants in your home.

3. Dreams of ancestor encounters It is said that your ancestors are around if you dream about them during Pitru Paksha.

4. Suddenly powerful fragrance Another indication that your ancestors are close by is smelling anything exotic and potent, like flowers or perfume.

5. Finding Hidden Items: People frequently discover hidden goods, such as cherished possessions, old pictures, or letters, during Pitru Paksha, as if their ancestors are pointing them in the direction of these hidden treasures.

6. Natural occurrences: During Pitru Paksha, unusual natural occurrences or rapid weather changes can also be regarded as signs.

People may include these signs in their experiences and interpret them as a method to communicate with their ancestors during this holy time. Additionally:

Crows: If a crow visits your home during Pitru Paksha and partakes in food offerings, it is thought to be a messenger from your ancestors who is pouring their blessings on you.

“Black Dog” It is considered lucky if a black dog shows up around this time.

These symbols, which have a strong cultural and spiritual foundation, serve as a constant reminder of the value of Pitru Paksha in honoring and reuniting with one’s ancestors.

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