‘Saalaar’ Actress Shruti Haasan: गुपचुप अपने बॉयफ्रेंड से शादी कर ली? ओरी ने गलती से एक बड़ा राज खोल दिया!

Shruti Haasan Secretly Married To Her Boyfriend

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Shruti Haasan has been in a relationship with Shantanu Hazarika for quite some time now, and the couple is currently living together. Amidst this, Bollywood celebrity Orry (Orhan Awatramani) has made some statements that have sparked speculation about their marriage.

Renowned actress Shruti Haasan, known for her powerful acting from South to Bollywood, is currently making headlines for her film ‘Salaar,’ which has been receiving a lot of love from cinema-goers.

In the movie, she is seen sharing the screen with actor Prabhas. While her professional life is flourishing, her personal life has also become a topic of discussion after recent comments by Bollywood celebrity Orry (Orhan Awatramani).

Speculation about Shruti Haasan’s marriage has arisen since Orry’s remarks. It’s worth mentioning that Shruti has been dating Shantanu Hazarika for some time now, and they are living together.

Did Shruti Haasan get married?

Recently, Orry hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session. During this session, a social media user asked him, “Hello Orry, is there any celebrity who forced you to take photos with them? If you can’t name them, just drop a hint.”

In response, Orry wrote, “Shruti Haasan. Not for posing but because she was quite rude to me at an event where I met her. And I didn’t even know her. It felt pretty bad at the time, but maybe there was some misunderstanding, as I had treated her husband very nicely and praised him. These things will get sorted out with time. But I heard some flying rumors that she called me a ‘waiter’ or ‘spot boy’ at that time.”

Living together with her boyfriend

Since Orry’s response, there has been a buzz on social media, with people speculating whether Shruti Haasan and Shantanu Hazarika have secretly married. It’s worth noting that earlier this year, Shruti had mentioned that she had no plans to get married because she is quite apprehensive about the word ‘marriage.’ She had also stated that Shantanu is her best friend, and she enjoys spending time with him.

Shruti and Shantanu have known each other since 2018 and decided to live together in 2020. Shantanu Hazarika is a doodle artist who has worked with several prominent artists in the music industry, including Raftaar, Divine, and Ritviz.

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