Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge Foldable Smartphone Concept at CES 2024, Capable of Inside-Out Folding

At CES 2024

Samsung’s Groundbreaking Foldable Display: A Glimpse into the Future

Samsung, a vanguard in the realm of foldable smartphone technology, recently unveiled a revolutionary concept at CES 2024. The ‘Flex In&Out’ device, a brainchild of Samsung’s innovative drive, is not merely a leap but a quantum jump in the world of foldable technology.

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The ‘Flex In&Out’: A Concept Redefining Flexibility

Samsung’s ‘Flex In&Out’ is a remarkable manifestation of the company’s pursuit of innovation. This device, reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in its clamshell design, breaks new ground with its unique ability to fold inside out.

Innovative In-and-Out Foldable Technology

The pioneering in-and-out foldable technology empowers users with a 360-degree folding capability. This singular display boasts a sleek, thin design that seamlessly folds outwards, enabling usage even in its folded state.

Rigorous Testing for Unmatched Durability

In pursuit of reliability, Samsung subjected its foldable panels to extreme tests. These included folding at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, resilience against basketball impacts, sand abrasion, and water immersion tests.

Beyond the ‘Flex In&Out’: Samsung’s Display Innovations at CES 2024

Samsung’s showcase at CES 2024 was not limited to the ‘Flex In&Out’. Other futuristic prototypes like the ‘Rollable Flex’ and the ‘Flex Hybrid’ were also highlighted. The ‘Rollable Flex’ astounds with its screen that can expand up to five times, and the ‘Flex Hybrid’ combines foldable and slidable technologies. Additionally, Samsung displayed a wireless earphone case embedded with a display.

Implications for the Future of Foldable Phones

Though still in the concept stage, these innovations hint at the exciting future of foldable phones. While currently appealing to a niche market, the evolution and adoption of these foldable technologies could reshape the smartphone landscape significantly.

Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology is evident in these latest developments. Their vision for a flexible, durable, and versatile future in foldable smartphones is not just a concept but a glimpse into what lies ahead for the industry. The ‘Flex In&Out’ and other innovations showcase the company’s prowess in marrying technology with practicality, ensuring that the foldable phones of the future are not just novel but also resilient and user-friendly. Samsung’s display at CES 2024 undeniably sets a new benchmark in the realm of smartphone technology, making us eagerly anticipate the day these concepts become a reality in our hands.


  1. What is Samsung’s ‘Flex In&Out’?
    • The ‘Flex In&Out’ is a foldable phone concept by Samsung that can be folded 360 degrees, both inwards and outwards.
  2. How does the ‘Flex In&Out’ differ from traditional foldable phones?
    • Unlike traditional foldable phones, the ‘Flex In&Out’ features an in-and-out foldable technology allowing it to fold in both directions.
  3. What tests did the foldable panels undergo?
    • The panels were tested under extreme temperatures, impact resistance, abrasion from sand, and water immersion.
  4. What are some other innovations Samsung showcased at CES 2024?
    • Other innovations include the ‘Rollable Flex’, the ‘Flex Hybrid’, and a wireless earphone case with a built-in display.
  5. Are these foldable devices available for purchase?
    • Currently, these are concept devices and are not yet available for purchase.
  6. What does Samsung’s new technology mean for the future of smartphones?
    • Samsung’s innovations point towards a future with more versatile, durable, and innovative smartphone designs.
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