Twitter Testing Subscription Fee for New Users to Post and Like Content

New users on X (Twitter) to pay subscription

In recent news, X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced a significant change to its platform. This change, which is currently being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines, will have a profound impact on new users.

X’s New Subscription Model

X is introducing a paid subscription called ‘Not a Bot.’ This subscription is designed exclusively for new users, meaning it won’t affect existing members. To join the platform, new users in the two test countries will need to pay a minimal yearly fee of $1 (approximately Rs 83).

Testing in New Zealand and the Philippines

The initial testing of ‘Not a Bot’ in New Zealand and the Philippines provides valuable insights into how this subscription model may affect future users globally.

What New Users Get with ‘Not a Bot’

Subscribing to ‘Not a Bot’ offers new users several benefits. They gain the ability to create posts, interact with other users’ content, like, reply, repost, and quote posts on X. This subscription enhances their engagement with the platform.

Impact on Existing Users

It’s important to note that existing X users are not subject to this change. Their access to X’s features remains unaffected, preserving their experience.

Comparing ‘Not a Bot’ to X Premium

X already offers a premium subscription called X Premium. This subscription, priced at Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,800 per year, unlocks additional features like the edit button, posting longer videos, custom themes, and increased visibility.

User’s Freedom of Choice

While new users are required to subscribe to ‘Not a Bot,’ they do have the freedom to opt out. Choosing not to subscribe will limit their experience to a read-only version of X, where they can only view posts, watch videos, and follow accounts.

Cost of the Subscription

At just $1 a year, the subscription fee for ‘Not a Bot’ may seem nominal. However, this move raises concerns as it restricts basic features that remain free on most other social media platforms.

X’s Competitive Position

This new development reflects X’s ongoing transition to a paid model. As they test the waters in these two countries, it’s expected that this model will expand to more nations.

Future Expansion

The future holds the potential for X to introduce ‘Not a Bot’ to users worldwide. The outcome of the ongoing testing will determine the extent of this expansion.

User Reactions

The introduction of ‘Not a Bot’ has generated mixed reactions among X users. Some appreciate the new subscription model for its added features, while others are concerned about the potential loss of free features.


X’s shift towards a paid subscription model for new users is a significant departure from its earlier approach. While it may disappoint some, the move seems aligned with the company’s broader strategy to monetize its platform.


How much does the ‘Not a Bot’ subscription cost?

The ‘Not a Bot’ subscription costs $1 per year, or approximately Rs 83.

Will existing X users be affected by this change?

No, this change only affects new users in New Zealand and the Philippines.

What features do ‘Not a Bot’ subscribers get access to?

Subscribers can create posts, interact with other users’ content, like, reply, repost, and quote posts on X.

Is the ‘Not a Bot’ subscription mandatory for new users in the test countries?

Yes, new users in New Zealand and the Philippines are required to subscribe to ‘Not a Bot’ to access certain features.

Will X expand the ‘Not a Bot’ subscription model to other countries?

The expansion of ‘Not a Bot’ to other countries will depend on the results of the ongoing testing in New Zealand and the Philippines.

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