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Indulge in the heavenly taste of UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies – a delightful fusion of cashew and almond flavors. In this detailed review, we’ll explore what makes these cookies a popular choice, their features, warranty, and more.

Cookies have been a beloved snack for generations, and when it comes to elevating the cookie experience, UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies stand out. With the rich and wholesome goodness of cashews and almonds, these cookies are a delightful treat for your taste buds. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies the preferred choice among cookie lovers.

Product Information: UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies come in a 500g pack, ensuring you have enough to share with your loved ones or savor all by yourself. Each bite is packed with the goodness of cashews and almonds, making it a nutritious and delicious snack.

The combination of cashews and almonds in UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies creates a unique and satisfying flavor profile. The cookies are perfectly baked, providing a crunchy texture that complements the nutty goodness inside. Whether you’re enjoying them with a cup of tea or as a quick snack on the go, these cookies never disappoint.

Why People Prefer These Products: People prefer UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies for several reasons. Firstly, the quality of ingredients used is top-notch, ensuring a premium taste. Secondly, these cookies are perfect for all occasions, from tea-time treats to party snacks. Lastly, the delightful blend of cashews and almonds makes them a healthier option compared to regular cookies.


  • Rich in cashews and almonds
  • Perfectly baked for a crunchy texture
  • Suitable for various occasions
  • Premium quality ingredients

Additional Features: Apart from the delectable taste, UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies also come in a convenient 500g pack, making them ideal for sharing with family and friends. The resealable packaging ensures that the cookies stay fresh for longer.

Warranty & Service: UNIBIC is committed to customer satisfaction. If you have any issues with the product, their customer service team is readily available to assist you. Additionally, the cookies come with a quality guarantee to ensure you receive the best product.

Other Users’ Opinion: Many satisfied customers have shared their positive experiences with UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies. They praise the delightful taste, crunchy texture, and the generous quantity in each pack. These cookies have garnered a loyal following among snack enthusiasts.

Final Verdict: In conclusion, UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies are a delightful treat that combines the richness of cashews and almonds in each bite. Their quality, taste, and versatility make them a preferred choice for snack lovers. With a convenient 500g pack and excellent customer service, UNIBIC stands out in the world of cookies.

Pros and Cons: Pros:

  • Nutritious and delicious
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Versatile for various occasions
  • Resealable packaging


  • May be addictive!

Conclusion: UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies are a must-try for anyone who appreciates the goodness of cashews and almonds. Their delightful taste, premium quality, and versatility make them a top choice among snack options. Don’t miss out on this heavenly cookie experience.

FAQ and Answers:

Q1: Are UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies suitable for vegetarians? A1: Yes, these cookies are vegetarian-friendly.

Q2: How long do the cookies stay fresh after opening the pack? A2: The resealable packaging helps keep the cookies fresh for an extended period, but it’s best to consume them within a few weeks.

Q3: Can I use UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies for baking? A3: Yes, you can incorporate these cookies into various dessert recipes for added flavor and texture.

Q4: Do these cookies contain any artificial flavors or preservatives? A4: No, UNIBIC Cashew Badam Cookies are made with natural ingredients and do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives.

Q5: Are there any allergens in these cookies? A5: These cookies contain nuts (cashews and almonds) and wheat. Please check the product packaging for specific allergen information.

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