WhatsApp Backups Will Now Consume Google Account Storage Space on Android Phones

WhatsApp backups


WhatsApp will start counting chat backups against the Google Account storage limit.
This change will come into effect from December 2023.
From December, WhatsApp beta users will see a banner on the Chat Backup page with a warning about the change.

Understanding WhatsApp’s New Backup Policy

In the ever-evolving world of technology, WhatsApp has recently made an important announcement that will affect millions of its users. Starting from December 2023, WhatsApp will begin counting chat backups against your Google Account storage limit. This development has been officially confirmed by both Google and WhatsApp. In this article, we will delve into the details of this change and what it means for WhatsApp users worldwide.

Google Account Storage Quandary

To comprehend the significance of this change, it’s essential to understand how WhatsApp backups have functioned thus far. If you’ve been using WhatsApp on an Android device, your chat backups were stored on your Google Account. Meanwhile, iOS users had their chats backed up to iCloud. However, the upcoming change primarily impacts Android users.

What’s Changing Exactly?

The change itself is relatively straightforward. WhatsApp will no longer offer unlimited free storage for chat backups on Google Drive. Instead, these backups will now consume space within your Google Account storage. This change is significant because it means that you’ll need to ensure you have sufficient storage available in your Google Account to accommodate your WhatsApp chat backups.

December 2023 Deadline

Starting in December 2023, WhatsApp beta users will be the first to experience this change. When they access the Chat Backup page, they will encounter a warning banner informing them of the impending shift in storage policy. This gives users a heads-up and some time to prepare for the change.

Rollout to All Android Users

The transition will be gradual. Initially, it will only affect WhatsApp beta users, but throughout the first half of 2024, this change will roll out to all Android users. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay informed and manage your Google Account storage accordingly.

Essence of This Change

It’s important to note that the actual process of backing up your WhatsApp chats remains unchanged. You can still continue to back up your chats to Google storage. However, what’s different is that you’ll now need to manage your storage space effectively, especially if you’ve been relying on the default 15GB of free storage. When you run out of this free space, upgrading to a Google One storage plan will become necessary.

More WhatsApp Updates

In addition to this storage-related announcement, WhatsApp has recently introduced another significant feature for its users. They have rolled out group voice chats for both Android and iOS platforms. This feature allows group chat members to initiate voice calls without disturbing the entire group. It provides a quieter and more convenient way to start voice conversations within a group.

How to Use Group Voice Chats

If you’re eager to try out this new feature, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the group chat you want to initiate a voice chat in.
    2. Look for the new wave icon located next to the group chat name.
    3. Tap on the wave icon to start a voice chat.
    4. A voice chat interface will appear at the top of the group chat.
    5. Group members can join or leave the call at any time, ensuring a flexible and hassle-free voice chatting experience.

Please note that the rollout of this feature may take some time to reach all WhatsApp users. If you haven’t received the update yet, be patient—it will eventually be available to everyone.


In conclusion, WhatsApp’s decision to count chat backups against Google Account storage marks a significant change in how users manage their data. Starting from December 2023, it’s crucial to monitor your Google Account storage and consider upgrading to a Google One plan if needed. Additionally, the introduction of group voice chats adds a valuable communication tool for WhatsApp users, making voice conversations within groups more seamless and efficient.


  1. Why is WhatsApp making this change regarding chat backups?
    WhatsApp is aligning with Google’s storage policies to ensure fair and consistent storage usage across its user base.
  2. What happens if I run out of free Google Account storage for WhatsApp backups?
    You will need to upgrade to a Google One storage plan to continue backing up your WhatsApp chats.
  3. Will iOS users be affected by this change in chat backup policy?
    No, this change primarily affects Android users, as iOS WhatsApp chats are backed up to iCloud.
  4. How do I check if the group voice chat feature is available to me?
    Look for the new wave icon next to your group chat name in WhatsApp. If it’s there, you have access to the feature.
  5. Can I use group voice chats on older versions of WhatsApp?
    This feature is part of a recent update, so make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed to use it.
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