WhatsApp Passkey Support in Development for iOS: Compatible with iOS 17 Devices

WhatsApp Passkey Support for iOS Spotted in Development
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WhatsApp Enhances Account Login Ease on iOS with Passkeys

In the ever-evolving world of messaging apps, WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is gearing up to take user convenience to the next level. The latest buzz suggests that WhatsApp is diligently working on introducing passkey support for iOS, adding yet another layer of security and ease of access to its repertoire of features. This move comes hot on the heels of the successful integration of passkeys into WhatsApp for Android. So, what exactly are passkeys, and how will they enhance your WhatsApp experience on iOS? Let’s dive into the details.

Unlocking the Power of Passkeys

What Are Passkeys?

Before we delve into the iOS integration, it’s essential to understand what passkeys are and why they matter. Passkeys are a state-of-the-art authentication mechanism, designed in collaboration with industry giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, under the aegis of the FIDO Alliance. This cutting-edge technology leverages the cryptographic capabilities of your device to offer a passwordless sign-in experience, authenticated through your biometrics—Touch ID or Face ID, in this case.

How Do Passkeys Enhance Security?

By using hardware-backed authentication, passkeys effectively mitigate the risks associated with traditional passwords and phishing attacks. This technology securely stores your passkeys, ensuring that your biometric data remains safe and sound. On Android devices, passkeys find a secure home in Google’s password manager, and for iOS users, they are set to be integrated into Apple’s Keychain system.

WhatsApp for iOS: Embracing Passkeys

The Exciting Discovery

WhatsApp enthusiasts, always on the lookout for new features, were thrilled when the feature tracker WABetaInfo recently uncovered a passkey-related menu within the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS (version This exciting discovery strongly hints at WhatsApp’s intention to bring passkey support to iOS users in the near future.

What to Expect

With this new feature, iOS users will be able to set up passkeys, allowing for quick and secure access to their WhatsApp accounts on the same device. However, it’s important to note that the feature is not yet functional in the current beta version. WhatsApp plans to roll out this functionality incrementally, starting with users on the beta testing channel via TestFlight. Eventually, the passkey support will become available to all users on the stable version of the app.

Compatibility Matters

While the prospect of enhanced security and convenience is enticing, it’s essential to consider compatibility. Not all iOS users will have access to passkeys. To utilize this feature, your iPhone must be running on iOS 17. This means that iPhone models from XR onwards, updated to iOS 17, will be able to employ Face ID or Touch ID with passkeys to log back into their WhatsApp accounts seamlessly.


WhatsApp is constantly innovating to provide its users with a secure and user-friendly experience. The upcoming introduction of passkey support on iOS is a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of messaging technology. With passkeys, you can enjoy enhanced security without the hassle of traditional passwords, ensuring your WhatsApp conversations are both private and convenient.

To stay updated with the latest WhatsApp developments and get access to passkeys, keep an eye out for future updates on your iOS device. It’s an exciting time for WhatsApp users, and this feature promises to make account access smoother and more secure than ever before.

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  1. What is a passkey, and how does it work with WhatsApp on iOS? A passkey is an authentication mechanism that uses your device’s biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID) for passwordless sign-ins. WhatsApp is bringing passkey support to iOS, allowing users to log in quickly and securely.
  2. Is passkey support already available on Android? Yes, WhatsApp introduced passkey support on Android before iOS. Android users can set up passkeys to enhance account security and ease of access.
  3. How are passkeys stored on iOS devices? On iOS, passkeys are expected to be securely stored in Apple’s Keychain system, ensuring the safety of your biometric data.
  4. When will passkey support be available for all iOS users? WhatsApp plans to roll out passkey support incrementally, starting with beta testers via TestFlight. It will eventually become available to all users on the stable version of the app.
  5. Which iOS devices will support passkeys? Only iPhone models running on iOS 17 or newer will support passkeys. This includes iPhone XR and newer models, ensuring a seamless and secure login experience with Face ID or Touch ID.
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