Which Actor Portrays Jordan Li in Generation V?

Gen V

Exploring “Gen V”: Derek Luh and London Thor’s Remarkable Roles

In “Gen V,” Jordan Li is played by hip-hop artist Derek Luh and singer London Thor. London Thor portrays Jordan’s femme form with energy blast abilities, while Derek Luh portrays the invulnerable masc form.

Gen V: A Superhero Series Like No Other

“Gen V” is an exciting American superhero TV series that’s closely tied to “The Boys” universe. It was created by Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke and is based on a story arc from “The Boys” comic book called “We Gotta Go Now” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. This show is the third installment in “The Boys” franchise. What makes “Gen V” intriguing is that it runs parallel to the events of the fourth season of “The Boys.”

This means that while you’re watching the heroes and anti-heroes in “The Boys” do their thing, you can also dive into the world of “Gen V” to see a different side of the superhero universe. “Gen V” made its debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 29, 2023, offering fans of superheroes and action-packed storytelling even more to enjoy in this expanding world of super-powered characters and their complex stories.

Who Plays Jordan Li in Gen V?

Jordan Li in “Gen V” is portrayed by hip-hop artist Derek Luh and singer London Thor, with Thor playing Jordan’s femme form, capable of firing energy blasts, and Luh playing Jordan’s masc form, who is invulnerable. Derek Luh portrays Jordan Li, who is a powerful character with unique abilities in the show. Derek James Luh, born on June 24, 1992, is a talented American hip-hop artist, songwriter, and actor hailing from Valencia, Santa Clarita, California.

He’s not just limited to music; Derek has also made a name for himself in the acting world. He’s been on tour with famous artist Machine Gun Kelly and has worked alongside well-known names like French Montana and Dizzy Wright, showing his versatility in the entertainment industry. Derek James Luh’s passion and talent have allowed him to carve out a successful career, making him a notable figure in both the music and acting scenes.

London Thor is a talented Korean-American actress known for her role as Jordan Li in the spinoff series “Gen V.” Born in Agoura Hills, California, she is also an L.A.-based singer, songwriter, and actress. In addition to “Gen V,” London Thor has appeared in other notable TV shows and films like “Shameless,” “You,” and “The Girl on the Train.” Her diverse talents and acting skills have made her a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Gen V Cast



Jaz Sinclair Marie Moreau
Jaeda LeBlanc Young Marie
Chance Perdomo Andre Anderson
Lizze Broadway Emma Meyer / Little Cricket
Maddie Phillips Cate Dunlap
London Thor Jordan Li (femme form)
Derek Luh Jordan Li (masc form)
Asa Germann Sam Riordan
Cameron Nicholl Young Sam
Shelley Conn Indira Shetty
Patrick Schwarzenegger Luke Riordan / Golden Boy
Maia Jae Bastidas Justine
Daniel Beirne Social Media Jeff
Ty Barnett Malcolm Moreau
Miata Ada Lebile Jackie Moreau
Alexander Calvert Rufus
Robert Bazzocchi Liam
Alex Castillo Vanessa
Clancy Brown Rich Brink
P.J. Byrne Adam Bourke
Sean Patrick Thomas Polarity
Marco Pigossi Dr. Edison Cardosa
Jackie Tohn Courtenay Fortney
Matthew Edison Cameron Coleman
Laura Kai Chen Kayla Li (Jordan’s mother)
Peter Kim Paul Li (Jordan’s father)
Derek Wilson Robert Vernon / Tek Knight

Jordan Li: The Unique Superhero of Gen V

Jordan Li is a character in the TV series “Gen V,” portrayed by hip-hop artist Derek Luh and singer London Thor. Jordan is a student at Godolkin University, a prestigious institution that trains young superheroes. What sets Jordan apart is their unique ability to change their gender at will. This power is more than just an identity shift; it comes with incredible superpowers.

In their female form, Jordan can unleash powerful energy blasts from their hands, capable of stopping even formidable opponents like Golden Boy. When in their male form, Jordan becomes physically invulnerable, rendering them immune to harm. This versatility makes Jordan a formidable hero who can adapt to various situations with ease.

However, despite their remarkable powers and talents, Jordan faces challenges in their journey to become a member of The Seven, a highly sought-after superhero team. Vought International, the organization behind The Seven, is more concerned with marketability than actual abilities. Jordan’s bigender identity and Asian heritage make them less marketable in certain regions, according to Vought’s publicist.

Despite the obstacles and setbacks, Jordan Li remains a compelling character in “Gen V,” adding depth and nuance to the show’s narrative. Their struggle to prove their worth and the complexities of their identity make them heroes who deserve recognition, even if Vought doesn’t fully appreciate their potential.

Where to Watch Gen V?

Viewers can watch “Gen V” online exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Just like “The Boys,” “Gen V” is also a Prime Original series, which means it’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. For those who are already subscribers to Amazon Prime, they can enjoy “Gen V” without any extra charges.

It’s a convenient way for them to catch all the action and excitement of this new spinoff series. So, if someone is eager to dive into the world of “Gen V,” they should make sure they have an Amazon Prime subscription to access it easily.

Gen V Trailer


“Gen V” brings a fresh perspective to the superhero genre, and the performances of Derek Luh and London Thor as Jordan Li add depth and authenticity to the show’s characters. As we follow Jordan’s journey in this exciting series, we are reminded that heroes come in all forms and backgrounds, challenging the traditional notions of what it means to be a superhero.


1. Is “Gen V” part of “The Boys” universe?

Yes, “Gen V” is closely tied to “The Boys” universe and runs parallel to the events of the fourth season of “The Boys.”

2. Where can I watch “Gen V”?

You can watch “Gen V” exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Who plays Jordan Li in “Gen V”?

Jordan Li is portrayed by Derek Luh and London Thor, with Derek Luh playing the masc form and London Thor playing the femme form.

4. What are Jordan Li’s superpowers?

In their female form, Jordan can unleash powerful energy blasts, while in their male form, they become physically invulnerable.

5. Why does Jordan Li face challenges in joining The Seven?

Jordan faces challenges due to their bigender identity and Asian heritage, which make them less marketable according to Vought International’s publicist.

“Gen V” is a captivating series that offers a unique take on superheroes, and it’s a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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