Who Went Home on Survivor 45 Tonight? Who Was Voted Off Last Night?

Home on Survivor 45 Tonight

Survivor 45 Episode: Brandon Donlon’s Heart-Wrenching Exit

Survivor 45, the beloved reality TV show, has taken an emotional turn as fan-favorite Brandon Donlon faced a challenging panic attack, leading to his departure from the intense game. In this episode, we’ll dive into the details of Brandon’s exit, explore the overall dynamics of Survivor 45, and tell you where you can catch all the thrilling action.

Contestant Age From
Hannah Rose 33 Baltimore, Maryland
Brandon Donlon 26 Sicklerville, New Jersey
Austin Li Coon 26 Chicago, Illinois
Brandon “Brando” Meyer 23 Seattle, Washington
Bruce Perreault 47 Warwick, Rhode Island
Dee Valladares 26 Miami, Florida
Drew Basile 23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Emily Flippen 28 Laurel, Maryland
Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Jha 24 Los Angeles, California
Jake O’Kane 26 Boston, Massachusetts
Julie Alley 49 Brentwood, Tennessee
Kaleb Gebrewold 29 Vancouver, British Columbia
Katurah Topps 35 Brooklyn, New York
Kellie Nalbandian 29 New York City, New York
Kendra McQuarrie 31 Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Sabiyah Broderick 28 Jacksonville, North Carolina
Sean Edwards 35 Provo, Utah
Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup 30 O’Fallon, Illinois

Brandon Donlon’s Sudden Departure

In the latest episode of Survivor 45, viewers were left stunned as Brandon Donlon, a contestant with immense enthusiasm for the game, was forced to leave prematurely. The twist in his journey came during the very first challenge when he suffered a severe panic attack. This unexpected turn of events not only left Brandon physically and emotionally shaken but also raised concerns within his tribe.

While Brandon managed to establish strong relationships with his fellow tribemates, his vulnerability during the initial challenge led some to question his ability to endure the rigorous competition. Unfortunately, this doubt resulted in his tribe voting him out, making Brandon the second person to exit Survivor 45.

Survivor 45: An Overview

Survivor 45, the 45th season of this iconic TV show, premiered on September 27, 2023. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, this season features 18 contestants divided into three groups. The ultimate prize at stake is a whopping $1 million, attainable only by navigating a series of grueling challenges and making strategic decisions.

A notable feature of Survivor 45 is the extended episode duration, with each installment lasting 90 minutes instead of the traditional 60 minutes. This extended time frame promises viewers a more immersive experience, providing deeper insights into island life and the contestants’ intricate strategies. The show airs on CBS and is also accessible via Paramount+, ensuring that fans don’t miss any of the drama, excitement, or unexpected twists that Survivor is known for.

Where to Tune In

If you’re eager to catch Survivor 45, there are multiple ways to do so. For those with access to traditional television, CBS broadcasts the show on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. However, if you miss the live broadcast, CBS typically uploads episodes to their website and app the following day, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

For cord-cutters and streaming enthusiasts, Paramount+ offers a convenient solution. With Paramount+, you can enjoy live streaming of CBS, ensuring that you’re up to date with Survivor 45 as it unfolds. Furthermore, the platform provides on-demand access to previous episodes, giving you the flexibility to watch at your leisure.

Survivor 45 Trailer

Excitement is in the air as Survivor 45 promises riveting challenges, alliances, and betrayals. To get a taste of the intense action, check out the official Survivor 45 trailer.


1. Why did Brandon Donlon have a panic attack on Survivor 45?

Brandon’s panic attack was triggered during the first challenge, likely due to the stress and pressure of the game.

2. Who was the first contestant to leave Survivor 45?

Hannah Rose was the first to exit Survivor 45, choosing to quit the game due to the harsh island conditions.

3. How many contestants are there in Survivor 45?

Survivor 45 features 18 contestants divided into three groups.

4. What is the grand prize for Survivor 45?

The ultimate prize for Survivor 45 is a substantial $1 million.

5. When and where can I watch Survivor 45?

You can catch Survivor 45 on CBS every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time or stream it on Paramount+.

In conclusion, Survivor 45 continues to deliver the excitement and drama that fans have come to expect. Brandon Donlon’s unexpected exit serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the game, where even the most enthusiastic players can face unexpected challenges. As the season unfolds, viewers can look forward to more thrilling moments and surprising twists in the journey to crown the next Sole Survivor.

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