X, Formerly Twitter, Considering Premium Subscription Tiers to Remove Ads

X, Formerly Twitter, Could Introduce X Premium Subscription Tiers

X Premium: Breaking Down the Three Tiers – Basic, Standard, and Plus


In the ever-evolving world of social media, change is the only constant. And when it comes to Twitter, the winds of transformation have been blowing vigorously ever since Elon Musk took the reins, rebranding the platform as “X.” Musk’s vision for this social media giant is nothing short of ambitious, aiming to transform it into a “super app” with a wide array of functionalities, including video/audio calling and payments. To fuel this ambitious journey and make X a profitable venture, Musk is exploring various avenues to generate revenue. One of his latest endeavors is to split the X Premium subscription into three distinct tiers, each catering to different user preferences. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting changes.

The Birth of X Premium Subscription Tiers

As reported by Bloomberg, Elon Musk’s X is in the process of testing three new subscription tiers for X Premium. This development was shared by the company in an update directed towards its banking partners. These subscription tiers will be categorized based on the number of ads shown, with pricing tailored accordingly.

X Premium Basic

The first tier, aptly named X Premium Basic, will maintain the status quo by displaying all the ads that users are already familiar with on the platform.

X Premium Standard

Moving up the ladder, the X Premium Standard tier will reduce the ad onslaught by 50%, offering a more ad-light experience while still allowing users to engage with sponsored content.

X Premium Plus: The Ad-Free Oasis

For those seeking respite from ads altogether, X Premium Plus is the answer. Subscribers to this tier can revel in an ad-free experience, allowing them to browse their timelines without interruptions.

The Evolution of X Premium

X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue, is the platform’s premium subscription service. It can be subscribed to at Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,800 per year through the web interface. However, if you choose to subscribe via the iOS or Android app, you will be subject to a slightly higher cost due to the 30% commission charged by the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

But what do subscribers get in return for their investment in X Premium? Let’s take a look at the benefits:

1. Verified Blue Tick

X Premium subscribers enjoy the coveted blue tick, symbolizing authenticity and credibility on the platform.

2. Priority Rankings

In conversations and search results, X Premium users receive prioritized rankings, ensuring their voices are heard and their content is discoverable.

3. Text Formatting

Formatting options allow users to express themselves creatively and make their posts stand out.

4. Extended Character Limit

X Premium unlocks the ability to post longer messages, with an impressive cap of 25,000 characters, fostering more in-depth conversations.

5. High-Quality Video

Subscribers can upload videos in glorious 1080p resolution, ensuring their visual content shines.

6. Ad Revenue Sharing

Perhaps most intriguingly, X Premium subscribers have the opportunity to share in the platform’s ad revenue, potentially turning their content creation into a lucrative endeavor.

What Lies Ahead

While these new subscription tiers for X Premium are generating considerable buzz, it remains unclear when they will officially roll out and what the pricing will be for each tier. As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In a recent livestream conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of putting the entire X platform behind a paywall for all users. This move would not only generate revenue but also serve as a barrier against unwanted bots. While pricing details were not divulged, Musk hinted at a nominal monthly fee.


As X continues to evolve under the stewardship of Elon Musk, the future looks promising for this social media giant. The introduction of X Premium subscription tiers, each catering to different user preferences, is just another step towards making X a versatile and profitable platform for both users and investors.


1. When will the new X Premium subscription tiers be available to users?

The exact release date for the X Premium subscription tiers is currently unknown. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

2. How much will the X Premium subscription tiers cost?

Pricing details for the X Premium subscription tiers have not been officially announced. We will provide pricing information as soon as it is disclosed by X.

3. What benefits do X Premium subscribers receive?

X Premium subscribers enjoy benefits such as a verified Blue tick, prioritized rankings, extended character limits, high-quality video uploads, and the opportunity to share in the platform’s ad revenue.

4. How can I subscribe to X Premium?

You can subscribe to X Premium through the web interface at Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,800 per year. If you choose to subscribe via the iOS or Android app, the cost may be slightly higher due to app store commissions.

5. Will Elon Musk put the entire X platform behind a paywall for all users?

Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of putting the entire X platform behind a paywall in the future, but specific details and pricing have not been revealed.

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