YouTube Create Video Editing App and Dream Screen AI-Generated Backgrounds for Shorts Announced

YouTube Create Video Editing App

YouTube Introduces a Video Editing App that Uses AI to Generate Backgrounds for Short Videos

Recent interesting announcements from YouTube included the introduction of AI-powered tools and analytics for video producers.

Notable Highlights

  • A user-friendly mobile application with a variety of video editing features is called YouTube Create.
  • YouTube Create is now in beta and accessible in a few markets.
  • Dream Screen is an experimental AI-powered tool for Shorts that helps authors create video backgrounds.
  • Through the YouTube Studio app, producers will receive personalized video recommendations from AI-powered insights.
  • To assist producers in finding appropriate music for their videos, Creator Music will offer Assistive Search starting in 2019.
  • A dubbing tool powered by AI is being developed to make content available in several languages.

The recent “Made on YouTube” event saw the launch of a new app and a number of AI-driven features aimed at improving the content creation process. Now let’s get into the specifics:

YouTube Create: Simple Video Editing

For mobile content makers, YouTube created YouTube Create, a brand-new video editing tool. Users can easily edit both long-form videos and Shorts from their cellphones using this user-friendly, free tool.

A full range of video editing options, including fine-tuned editing and cutting, automated captioning, and voiceover functionality, are available in the program. The library of royalty-free music, as well as a selection of filters, effects, and transitions, are available to creators. In order to ensure smooth synchronization between the background music and video clips, YouTube Create also includes beat-matching technology.

Although anyone can use YouTube Create, it is particularly designed for mobile makers who might not have access to or experience with full-featured PC video editing tools. Currently available to Android users in eight nations, including India, YouTube Create is in beta.

AI-Generated Backgrounds for Short Films: Dream Screen

A novel AI-powered tool created specifically for Shorts creators is called Dream Screen. With this cutting-edge application, users may easily create video and graphic backgrounds for their short films. Creators only need to enter a brief description in the text area; the AI will handle the rest. As shown in the screenshot below, the AI-generated results for a question like “Panda drinking coffee” are visible.

Later this year, YouTube intends to start testing Dream Screen, initially making it available to a restricted group of producers. Before being public, the feature will be made available to a larger range of creators over the course of the following year.

Perspectives on AI and Upcoming Developments

As the event came to a close, YouTube unveiled more AI-powered tools aimed at assisting creators. The YouTube Studio app will soon offer “AI-powered insights” that will deliver tailored content recommendations based on each creator’s audience preferences. These tips will make it easier for creators to come up with concepts and plot outlines for videos.

In the upcoming year, Creator Music will release “Assistive Search.” By enabling producers to specify the content of their videos, this tool makes it easier to locate appropriate music tracks for videos.

In addition, YouTube is currently working on an AI-powered dubbing tool that will use Aloud technology to support multiple languages and increase the accessibility of videos to a wider audience.

These new products show how committed YouTube is to improve the video creation process and giving creators useful AI-driven tools and insights.

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