YouTube Initiates Testing of AI-Powered Chat Box and Comments Summarizer

YouTube starts testing AI-based

YouTube’s Latest Innovations: Chat with AI Bots and Organize Comments

YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing platform, has once again taken a significant leap in innovation. The tech giant is currently testing two exciting AI-driven features that are set to enhance user engagement and interaction within the platform. In this article, we will delve into these innovations, explaining how they work and how you can access them.

YouTube, with its vast library of videos, often leaves viewers with questions or the desire to engage in meaningful discussions. To address this, the platform is introducing new AI features exclusively for YouTube Premium users. These features aim to provide users with the ability to learn more about the content they are watching, making the YouTube experience even more enriching.

YouTube AI Conversational Tool

The first of these exciting innovations is the conversational AI tool. Accessible by simply clicking the ‘Ask’ button positioned below the video, this feature allows users to interact with an AI bot. Once initiated, a chat box opens up, enabling you to ask questions about the video you’re watching. The beauty of this tool is that it runs simultaneously with the video, ensuring your viewing experience remains uninterrupted.

The chatbot comes equipped with suggested prompts, making it easy for users to initiate conversations. Whether you want to summarize the video, inquire further about its content, or receive recommendations for related videos, the AI bot is at your service. If you have specific questions in mind, you can also type them directly to engage in a more personalized interaction with the YouTube chatbot.

Topics in Comments

YouTube is also leveraging AI to facilitate discussions within the comments section. With countless comments on popular videos, it can be challenging to engage in conversations that matter to you. To address this, YouTube introduces a ‘Topics’ tab in the comments section.

When you tap on this tab, you’ll be presented with a list of topics, each accompanied by related comments. This means you can now delve into specific aspects of the video’s content by selecting the relevant topic. This new feature enhances the experience of engaging in discussions, making it easier to find and participate in conversations that interest you.

How to Get the New YouTube Features

While these AI features are undoubtedly exciting, they are currently in the testing phase. Therefore, not everyone will have access to them. The AI conversational tool is exclusively available to YouTube Premium members in the United States. On the other hand, the comment topics feature is accessible to YouTube Premium members globally, but with some restrictions.

The ‘Topics’ tab will only appear on select English videos with substantial comment sections. If you’re eager to try out these new features, you can visit and take part in the ongoing experiment, providing you with a chance to be among the early adopters.


YouTube’s latest innovations, the AI conversational tool, and comment topic organization, bring an exciting new dimension to the platform’s user experience. They provide users with the ability to have meaningful conversations and explore video content in a more structured manner.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your YouTube experience by participating in the ongoing experiment and enjoying these innovative features.


  1. Who can access YouTube’s new AI features?
    The AI conversational tool is available to YouTube Premium members in the United States, while the comment topics feature is accessible to YouTube Premium members globally, but with certain restrictions.
  2. What kind of prompts does the AI chatbot provide?
    The chatbot offers prompts for summarizing the video, asking for more information, and recommending related content.
  3. Can I participate in the experiment to access these features?
    Yes, you can. Visit to take part in the experiment and potentially gain access to these innovative features.
  4. How can I find comments related to specific topics in a video’s comments section?
    You can access the ‘Topics’ tab, which lists topics with associated comments. Selecting a topic will display comments related to that specific discussion.
  5. Are these features available on all YouTube videos?
    No, the ‘Topics’ tab for comment organization is only visible on select English videos with substantial comment sections, as these features are currently being tested.
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