YouTube Introduces Shazam-Like Song Discovery, Stable Volume, and More Features

YouTube launches Shazam-like song discovery feature

Exciting New Features on YouTube: A User’s Guide

YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, has always been at the forefront of innovation. In their latest update, YouTube has introduced a plethora of exciting features for mobile apps, tablets, and the web. Whether you’re a content creator or an avid viewer, these new additions are set to enhance your experience significantly. From searching for songs by humming to improved playback features, YouTube’s got you covered. Let’s dive into the top new features on YouTube.

A Speedier Experience

Faster Playback Speed Control

One of the most anticipated additions is the playback speed control. Now, when you’re watching videos in full screen or portrait mode, you can simply press and hold anywhere on the player to increase the playback speed to 2x. When you reach the part you want to watch, just let go. This feature is available on mobile and tablet apps, as well as on the web.

Visual Enhancements

Bigger Preview Thumbnails

YouTube has also improved the seek feature with larger preview thumbnails. This handy feature allows you to quickly jump to a specific part of the video. Just long-press the screen and slide right or left with the thumbnail previews. Going back to where you started is easier too; simply move your finger back to the initial position and lift it when you feel a vibration.

A Seamless Viewing Experience

Lock Screen

No one likes accidental touches that disrupt their video-watching experience. YouTube’s lock screen feature solves this problem. It prevents unintentional screen touches while you’re engrossed in a video, ensuring you stay uninterrupted.

Stable Volume

Are you tired of adjusting the volume every time a new video starts? YouTube’s “Stable Volume” feature has got you covered. It offers a balanced volume level, reducing the annoying fluctuations between videos. This feature is already rolling out and will be automatically turned on for your convenience.

Music Discovery Made Fun

Search Songs by Humming

One of the most exciting updates is the ability to search for songs by humming, playing, or singing. YouTube uses AI to match your sound to the original recording, making it easier than ever to find that tune stuck in your head. While this feature is initially available for Android devices, it’s expected to roll out to other platforms in the coming weeks.

Your Personal Hub

New ‘You’ Tab

YouTube has also introduced a brand new ‘You’ tab, where you can find all your history, playlists, downloads, purchases, and account-related settings. This tab offers a more personalized and streamlined experience, replacing the old Library tab on the web, mobile, and tablets.

Smart TV Convenience

Vertical Menu for Smart TVs

If you’re using YouTube on a smart TV, you’ll love the new vertical menu. While watching a video, you can access it by clicking on the title. This menu offers quick access to features like video descriptions, comments, and the subscribe button, making your smart TV experience even more enjoyable.

A Revamped Interface

Cleaner Design on Mobile and Web

YouTube is not just improving the viewing experience but also the interface. Mobile and web users can look forward to a cleaner design with a scrollable video description, ensuring you can access relevant information effortlessly.

Exciting Features for Creators

YouTube hasn’t forgotten its content creators. They’re adding visual cues that appear when a creator asks viewers to like or subscribe to their channel. When viewers interact with these cues, playful sparkles will appear. Additionally, there’s a new animation for view count and like count in real-time for the first 24 hours.

In conclusion, YouTube’s latest updates are set to make your viewing and content creation experience even more enjoyable and user-friendly. With features like humming-based song searches and improved playback controls, YouTube continues to set the bar high for online video platforms. Stay tuned for these updates, as they will roll out globally in the coming weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will these new features be available to all users?

YouTube has already started rolling out these features, and they will be available to all users globally over the coming weeks.

Can I use the humming-based song search on iOS devices?

Initially, this feature is only available for Android devices, but YouTube may expand it to iOS in the future.

How can I access the ‘You’ tab on YouTube?

You can find the ‘You’ tab on the web, mobile, and tablet versions of YouTube, replacing the Library tab.

What is the benefit of the stable volume feature on YouTube?

The stable volume feature ensures a balanced volume level between videos, reducing the need to constantly adjust the volume.

Are these new features available for all types of content on YouTube?

Yes, these features are designed to enhance the experience for both viewers and content creators on YouTube.

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