ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Compact Soundbar with Subwoofer, 60W RMS Output, Powerful Bass, Glossy Design, HDMI ARC, Coaxial, Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, LED Indicator and Remote Control

Introducing a compact dual-driver (2″ + 2″) soundbar, accompanied by a robust 4″ subwoofer to deliver a room-filling “Bring Home the Theater” experience. This impressive sound system boasts a 60W RMS power output (36W for the subwoofer and 2x 12W for the soundbar drivers), all neatly packed into a compact form factor.

Experience well-balanced treble, warm and clear vocals, ensuring an exceptional movie-watching experience and delightful music listening. Feel the room resonate with thumping bass, thanks to the powerful subwoofer.

For versatile connectivity, the soundbar offers various options, including HDMI ARC for smart TVs, coaxial input, AUX 3.5mm input for other compatible devices like DTH boxes, HD TV boxes, smartphones, laptops, and even USB pendrive support for playing MP3 songs.

Moreover, the soundbar supports Bluetooth v5.0, allowing you to stream music effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet.

Equipped with an LED indicator light and a fully functional remote control, it offers easy identification and control of input modes, volume, treble, bass controls, and preset EQ options, among others.

Its glossy design, complete with a grill front panel, lends a professional finish to your entertainment setup.

Inside the package, you’ll find a fully functional remote control, a QR user guide, a power adapter, a soundbar, and a subwoofer, ensuring you have everything you need for an immersive audio experience.

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In this article, we explore the ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Compact Soundbar with Subwoofer, highlighting its impressive features, sound quality, and why it’s a preferred choice among consumers.

Introduction: Are you ready to elevate your home entertainment experience? The ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar with Subwoofer might just be the audio solution you’ve been searching for. With its powerful performance, stylish design, and versatile connectivity options, this soundbar is a game-changer. Read on to learn more about why it’s capturing the hearts of audio enthusiasts.

Product Information: The ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar boasts a 60W RMS output that delivers crystal-clear audio with room-filling sound. Its subwoofer ensures deep and powerful bass, enhancing your movie nights and music sessions. The glossy design adds a touch of elegance to any room, while multiple connectivity options like HDMI ARC, Coaxial, Bluetooth 5.0, and AUX make it compatible with various devices. It also comes with an LED indicator and a convenient remote control.

Article Body: This soundbar’s performance truly shines. Whether you’re watching an action-packed movie or streaming your favorite tunes, the ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar offers an immersive audio experience. Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet, while the HDMI ARC and Coaxial inputs ensure seamless connectivity with your TV.

Why People Prefer This Product: People prefer the ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar for its exceptional audio quality, hassle-free setup, and elegant design. It transforms ordinary movie nights into cinematic experiences and makes music come alive.


  • 60W RMS Output
  • Subwoofer for Deep Bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Glossy Design
  • LED Indicator
  • Remote Control

Additional Features: This soundbar also comes with preset EQ modes, allowing you to customize the audio to suit your preferences. Its LED indicator adds a futuristic touch, and the remote control ensures you have complete command over your audio experience.

Warranty & Service: The ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar comes with a standard warranty, providing peace of mind to users. The manufacturer also offers responsive customer service to address any queries or concerns.

Other Users’ Opinion: Customers who have purchased this soundbar rave about its performance and design. Many appreciate the ease of installation and the improved audio quality it brings to their homes.

Final Verdict: In conclusion, the ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar with Subwoofer is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience. Its powerful sound, versatile connectivity, and stylish design make it a top choice in the market.

Pros and Cons:


  • Impressive 60W RMS output
  • Deep and powerful bass
  • Sleek and glossy design
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • User-friendly remote control


  • Price may be on the higher side for some consumers

Conclusion: Investing in the ZEBRONICS Juke BAR 100A Soundbar is an investment in premium audio quality. Whether you’re a movie buff or a music enthusiast, this soundbar will take your entertainment to the next level.

FAQ and Answers:

  1. Q: Can I connect this soundbar to my smart TV? A: Yes, you can. It has HDMI ARC and Coaxial inputs for easy connection.
  2. Q: Does it come with a wall-mounting kit? A: Yes, it includes a wall-mounting kit for your convenience.
  3. Q: What is the range of the Bluetooth connection? A: The Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers a stable connection within a range of approximately 33 feet (10 meters).
  4. Q: Can I adjust the bass levels? A: Yes, you can customize the bass levels using the EQ modes.
  5. Q: Does it work with non-Bluetooth devices? A: Absolutely. It has AUX and other wired connection options for non-Bluetooth devices.
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