Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart’s Divorce: Why They Are Giving Divorce To After Their 2nd Split?

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The causes of Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart’s second divorce are detailed in this article.

Actor-comedian Anthony Anderson and his ex-wife Alvina Stewart recently announced that they were divorcing in writing, capping off a turbulent relationship that includes two separations. Continue reading this article to learn more about this development, and follow us for updates.

The Divorce of Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart

The actor-comedian Anthony Anderson and Alvina Anderson made the decision to divorce for the second time in March 2022, putting an end to their marriage. They have officially finalized their divorce, over 19 months after they first separated. The former couple filed for divorce on September 14, according to court records gathered from a variety of sources. They had already agreed to the conditions of their breakup in writing. Anthony Anderson will reportedly support his ex-wife financially and pay for her legal costs. Alvina’s request for spousal support led to the provision of this financial support.

Alvina had previously started the divorce process in 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. She had asked for financial help in the court filings, and the separation date was listed as April 1, 2014. She and Anthony appeared to have made up in January 2017, postponing their divorce. On March 25, 2022, Alvina filed for a second divorce, detailing numerous facets of their separation and asking support payments and reimbursement for her legal costs. She also asked that any assets gained during their marriage be considered joint property and equally shared between them. This included gifts, assets, income, and debts.

Anthony replied to the divorce petition on February 25, 2022, confirming the separation date and attributing the breakup to disputes. Documents from sources, however, show that he had asked to put off the choice regarding spousal support for later thought. He further suggested that both sides pay their own legal costs despite the fact that his ex-spouse will be compensated. Finally, they came to an understanding and chose to pay spousal support to Alvina. Additionally, the divorcing couple consented to jointly sell their Encino, California home and split the revenues equally.

To put things in perspective, Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart were married in September 1999; they have two children together, Kyra, 26, and Nathan, 22. We value your time as a reader and urge you to check out our website for more information and recent headlines.

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