South Africa: Ntsiki Mazwai Calls Out DJ Zinhle For Exploiting Kairo Forbes


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A South African performer criticizes the music producer for letting her daughter perform one of his tracks at a concert. DJ Zinhle has been in the crossfire of Ntsiki Mawwai for allegedly making use of Kairo Forbes to boost her career in music. The allegations came out following DJ Zinhle invited Kairo Forbes to perform alongside her on stage in an event to honor her father who passed away, AKA. Forbes was a hit during 947 Joburg Day when she performed an emotional rendition on one of the father’s hits. The 8-year-old was to the stage with their mother Lynn Forbes, Nadia Nakai the girlfriend of her father as well as Kiernan.

In February, in Durban, AKA was shot and killed by an unknown shooter. Mazwai utilized the platform X that was formerly called Twitter and made numerous posts criticizing DJ Zinhle over her opinion that it was a bad parenting choice. The remarkable artist was accuse by the ex Moja Love show host for using her daughter’s image to promote a marketing tactic. In a post that has since been deleted her post read “I am not trying to appear cruel but Kairo isn’t the first or the last child to lose a parent who is an artist.” However, she was the first person to benefit from publicity, she added. It’s a real shame.

She also said: “A lot of artists have children …,” while she continued the series of posts. They don’t have a place being performers. Imagine a stage where you can cry out… It’s got the depth. It’s a very private moment. Zinhle must be accountable in her behavior. Most parents protect their children from the spotlight. They don’t have to be required to do it. Mazwai was not the only one who felt this way about the dilemma. The DJ was allegedly using her daughter for “content,” according to the anti-gender-based-violence NGO Women For Change. Similar sentiments were also voiced by others X users. In response to the tweet from @officialshlelo, “They are forcing Kairo to run a PR event instead of letting her grieve at peace.”

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