Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Nominations List Week 3: Check Shakeela’s Fee Per Week


Shakeela’s weekly earnings are revealed in the third week’s Bigg Boss 7 Telugu nominations list.

The most recent Bigg Boss Telugu 7 episode provides a thorough update as of September 17, 2023. You may get comprehensive information on all the most recent developments in this post. Join us as we explore the most recent developments and perspectives.

Week 3 Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Nominations

In a shocking change of events, one competitor was threatened with leaving the Bigg Boss house if a set of requirements weren’t satisfied. Bigg Boss used the King’s Meter to rate each contestant’s performance during that specific week, using the colors red, yellow, or green. The ratings are broken out as follows:

Green, showing improvement from the previous week, for Amardeep.

Priyanka Jain: Red, who needs to improve her performance next week.

Green – Prashanth
The color green.
– Gautam Krishna: All Red, under fire for making disparaging remarks.
Red: Subhashree
All Red, Damini
Green – Sobha Shetty
Yellow – Rathika Rose
– Delicious Teja: Red

According to reports, both the competitors inside the house and the spectators had an exhilarating rollercoaster ride during the second week of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. In their battle to win the coveted Power Astra, competitors have spared no effort. Bigg Boss also gave evaluations for the participants’ performances, which led to some unexpected discoveries.

In a suspenseful turn of events, Shivaji triumphed in the Power Astra tournament and was awarded a miraculous four-week immunity. Nagarjuna, the Bigg Boss host, gave Shivaji some serious advice, emphasizing the need to follow the rules in order to stay out of trouble.

The biggest shock of the week, though, came when Nagarjuna told Rathika Rose to “Manushulatho Aadukovaddamma Rathika” in a message. They were all in awe at this piece of advise. She was advised by Nagarjuna to forgo pursuing a romantic relationship with Pallavi Prashanth and Prince Yavar, two other contenders. Both viewers and housemates are anticipating the implications of this warning.

Popular reality TV program Bigg Boss Telugu has dominated the Telugu entertainment market. A diverse collection of contestants live together in a specially constructed house with no access to the outside world, and it is hosted by the flamboyant Nagarjuna Akkineni. The Power Astra, which confers immunity and power inside the house, is the object of competition.

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