Derek Carr’s Injury Status: Understanding What Happened and How Long He Will Be Out

Derek Carr Injury Update

Derek Carr’s Injury Update: Optimism Builds as He’s Listed as “Limited”


Derek Carr, the talented quarterback for the New Orleans Saints in the NFL, recently faced some challenges due to a sore shoulder. However, there’s good news on the horizon. In this article, we’ll delve into Derek Carr’s injury update, its impact on the team, and what it means for his potential participation against the New England Patriots this Sunday.

Full Name Derek Dallas Carr
Date of Birth March 28, 1991
Age 32
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m)
Weight 215 lbs (98 kgs)
Place of Birth Bakersfield, CA
College Fresno State University
NFL Draft 2014 – Rd: 2, Pick: 36 (NO)
Spouse Heather Neel
Current Team New Orleans Saints
Position Quarterback

A Promising Development

Last week, the football world held its breath as Derek Carr’s shoulder ailment sidelined him until the last minute of practice before Sunday’s game. The pain in his shoulder had been a major concern, casting doubts on his availability. However, there’s a glimmer of hope now. The Saints’ head coach, Dennis Allen, revealed that Carr has been throwing the football more frequently during practice. This positive change prompted the team to list Carr as “limited” on the injury report.

The Importance of Carr’s Recovery

If Carr’s shoulder continues to improve, it not only lifts the spirits of fans but also raises the expectations for his performance in the upcoming game against the New England Patriots. His presence on the field can significantly impact the Saints’ offensive strategy and their chances of securing a victory. Carr’s arm strength and precision in passing are invaluable assets to the team, and his return would be a welcome sight for both fans and teammates.

How Long is Derek Carr Out?

Derek Carr’s absence from the field is a result of an AC joint sprain in his right shoulder. This injury occurred during a game against the Green Bay Packers on September 24, 2023. Fortunately, it’s not a season-ending injury, but the exact duration of his absence remains uncertain. The timeline for his return hinges on how quickly the swelling in his shoulder subsides and how well he regains mobility. The Saints and their fans eagerly await Carr’s swift recovery, recognizing the pivotal role he can play in the 2023 season.

Who is Derek Carr?

Derek Carr is a well-known American football quarterback with a decorated career in the National Football League (NFL). He initially gained recognition for his outstanding passing skills while playing for the Oakland Raiders before joining the New Orleans Saints in 2023. Carr’s achievements include multiple Pro Bowl honors and notable career statistics that have made him a respected figure in the NFL.

Off the field, Carr is known for his strong family ties and Christian faith, which are integral parts of his life. His tattoos on his wrists are a testament to his religious beliefs and personal values.

Derek Carr’s Early Life

Derek Carr’s journey to NFL stardom began in Bakersfield, California, where he was born on March 28, 1991. Growing up, football was a constant presence in his life, thanks to his older brother, David Carr, who was the first overall draft pick for the Houston Texans in 2002. The family’s move to Sugar Land, Texas, in 2002 further fueled Derek’s passion for the game.

At Clements High School in Texas, Derek Carr initially served as a backup quarterback but quickly rose to the starting role due to an injury. His high school career showcased his exceptional talent, earning him a scholarship to Fresno State University, where he continued to shine as a standout athlete. His journey from a young quarterback in Texas to a college star laid the foundation for his future success in the NFL.

Derek Carr’s Career

Derek Carr’s professional career in the NFL began in 2014 when he was drafted. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his skills and leadership on the field while playing for teams like the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints. Carr’s career statistics, including passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions, have solidified his status as a prominent figure in American football.

Derek Carr’s Personal Life

Off the field, Derek Carr is happily married to Heather Neel Carr. The couple shares a loving relationship and has four children. Heather is not only a supportive wife but also a wonderful mother. Their family life is filled with joy and love, evident from their social media posts that offer glimpses into their life outside the football arena.

What Happened to Derek Carr?

Derek Carr’s recent injury occurred during a game against the Green Bay Packers when Rashan Gary tackled him aggressively, causing a right shoulder sprain. Fortunately, the injury, while painful, did not result in serious damage. Carr was promptly examined by medical professionals, and it was determined that his injury was not season-ending.

The Saints and their fans can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that Carr’s absence from the field will not be prolonged. As he undergoes rehabilitation and recovers his mobility, there is hope for his swift return to the team. While the game against the Packers was challenging, the future looks brighter with Carr’s impending comeback.


Derek Carr’s injury update brings a sense of optimism to the New Orleans Saints and their supporters. As he continues to recover and regain his form, the team’s prospects for the 2023 season are looking up. Carr’s return to the field is eagerly awaited, and his resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to his dedication to the game he loves.


1. When did Derek Carr’s injury occur?

Derek Carr sustained his injury during a game against the Green Bay Packers on September 24, 2023, due to a tackle by Rashan Gary.

2. Is Derek Carr’s injury season-ending?

Fortunately, Derek Carr’s injury is not season-ending, and there is hope for his return to the field once he recovers.

3.  What is Derek Carr’s career history in the NFL?

Derek Carr began his NFL career in 2014 and has played for teams like the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints, achieving multiple Pro Bowl honors.

4. Tell us more about Derek Carr’s personal life.

Derek Carr is happily married to Heather Neel Carr, and they have four children together. Heather is known for her strong support of Derek’s career.

5. How has Derek Carr’s early life influenced his football career?

Derek Carr’s early life, marked by a family deeply involved in football, set the stage for his passion for the game and his journey from a young quarterback in Texas to an NFL star.

In conclusion, Derek Carr’s journey, both on and off the field, is a story of dedication, resilience, and the power of family and faith in the world of American football.

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