[Exclusive] HMD Global to Introduce Phones in India by April 2024, Exclusively through Online Channels

MD Global-branded phones

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, HMD Global has been a prominent name, primarily known for its association with the iconic Nokia brand. The company’s journey with Nokia has witnessed its share of ups and downs, marked by inconsistent launches and heavy price tags. However, recent industry sources have revealed exciting news that HMD Global is set to embark on a new venture in India by April 2024.

HMD Global’s Journey with Nokia

HMD Global secured the license to sell Nokia-branded phones across the globe. While it began on a promising note, the momentum gradually dwindled due to challenges in the competitive market. The company is now poised to take a bold step by introducing its own-branded devices in India.

The New Venture in India

The news from industry sources has unveiled that HMD Global will launch its own-branded devices in India by April 2024. This strategic move is intended to reinvigorate the brand and its presence in the Indian market. Interestingly, this new venture will not replace Nokia-branded phones but will coexist with them until 2026.

HMD-Branded Phones

These new HMD-branded phones are expected to make a significant impact on the market. They will be characterized by aggressive pricing, targeting primarily the online marketplaces, including giants like Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally, HMD Global will also focus on selling Nokia phones through offline channels, emphasizing their commitment to both product lines.

Target Market Strategy

HMD Global’s strategy will primarily concentrate on budget and mid-range phones at the initial stage, with plans to gradually expand into flagship models. This approach is aimed at catering to a wider audience while maintaining affordability and quality.

Product Range Expansion

A recent report from ET suggests that HMD Global is gearing up to launch a comprehensive product ecosystem. This will include a range of products such as tablets, feature phones, and IoT devices. These HMD-branded products will be priced differently, setting them apart from the existing Nokia product line.

Manufacturing in India

In a significant move, HMD Global plans to manufacture all its devices in India and export them to other markets. The company has partnered with major manufacturers like Foxconn, Dixon, and Lava to produce smartphones in India. This not only contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative but also ensures quality and affordability for consumers.


The introduction of HMD Global’s own-branded devices in India is a bold and exciting step for the company. With a focus on aggressive pricing, a diverse product ecosystem, and a commitment to manufacturing in India, HMD Global aims to reclaim its position in the Indian market. Consumers can look forward to a wide range of affordable and high-quality options, marking a new chapter in the company’s journey.


  1. When will HMD Global launch its own-branded devices in India?
    HMD Global is expected to launch its own-branded devices in India by April 2024.
  2. Will HMD Global’s new devices replace Nokia-branded phones?
    No, HMD Global’s new devices will coexist with Nokia-branded phones until 2026.
  3. What is the target market strategy for HMD-Branded phones?
    HMD Global will primarily target budget and mid-range phones initially and expand into flagship models over time.
  4. What product range can we expect from HMD Global’s new venture?
    HMD Global plans to introduce a comprehensive product ecosystem, including tablets, feature phones, and IoT devices.
  5. Where will HMD Global manufacture its devices?
    HMD Global intends to produce all its devices in India and aims to export them to other markets, partnering with Foxconn, Dixon, and Lava for manufacturing.
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