Exclusive: Leaked Pixel 8a Promo Video Reveals Google AI Features in Action!

Leaked Pixel 8a


  • Pixel’s AI features are now branded as Google AI.
  • We’ve detailed how to access the showcased Google AI features on existing Pixel devices.
  • The leaked video unveils the design and color options of the Pixel 8a.

Google’s struggle to keep upcoming products under wraps continues with Pixel 8a leaks making rounds for a while. The latest leak showcases the phone’s AI abilities in a video. Although the clip was likely removed by Google since the leak emerged, we’ve got screenshots. From the video, we’ve gathered the following Google AI features expected in the upcoming Pixel.

Google Pixel 8a AI features leak:

The leaked Pixel 8a marketing video by Google, shared by OnLeaks (via MySmartPrice), immediately reveals the Google AI branding. It showcases the “Best Take” feature first, allowing users to pick different facial expressions from recent burst photos. This feature is already available on select Pixels within Google Photos. Next, we see the “Circle To Search” feature, already present on some Pixels and Galaxy smartphones. It lets you search anything on the screen by circling it with your finger. You can activate this by long-pressing the home button or navigation handle.

Google Pixel 8a AI features leak

Next up is the Live Translate feature, offering real-time translations for foreign language audio and conversations, including text translation when you point at it. On current Pixels, it’s found in Settings > System, and also on select Galaxy devices. The video also highlights the Audio Magic Eraser, allowing you to filter out background noises from video clips. It’s accessible in the Edit menu in Google Photos on specific devices. Also Read – Fresh Leaked Images Showcase Complete Design and Color Options of Google Pixel 8!

Finally, the Pixel 8a appears in white, black, and blue colors in the video’s conclusion. These colors align with earlier leaked images and design hints we received. The phone is anticipated to launch in May.

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