Fastest 10,000 runs in ODI, Top 5 fastest batsmen to the milestone

Fastest 10,000 runs in ODI

Whatever type of cricket you play, scoring every run can be a difficult endeavor. But, only a handful of players have used machinery for their national team. Since it requires the skill that is required by the other formats to perform effectively as a batter ODI cricket can be described as a mix of T20Is and Tests. Certain players have mastered this ability and have surpassed every challenge. There have been only 15 occasions in the past of ODI cricket have players achieved the mark of 10,000 runs that is a target that all players must achieve. However, do you have a clue who is able to reach this elusive stranger in the fastest time? In this article, we’ll look at 5 of the most successful players from ODI cricket history that reached the 10,000-run mark the fastest.

Most runs of fastest 10,000 in ODI

The top five ODI cricketers to score 10,000 runs with the fastest times are listed below: Ricky Ponting is listed as the 5th person. The captain who is in question is only the second person to lead his nation to two consecutive World Cup victories. The best player of all time to ever come from Australia has ever created is Ricky Ponting. Alongside being a formidable leader and a great team player, he also was a great bat player. When he played his 266th ODI game, Ponting scored his 10,000th ODI run. He played all 365 innings of ODI cricket, scoring an impressive 13704 total runs, including 30 century runs as well as 82 half-centuries.

At number four on the fourth spot is Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly was an former Indian captain was among the best white-ball openers his time. He was an extremely reliable batsman like anyone else, which is why he needed 263 innings before he reached the milestone, making him the third fastest player in the history of cricket. It’s unlikely it was Sachin Tendulkar, who comes at third place was not the only one to hold all the records of batting. In actual fact, Virat Kohli later surpassed his record, becoming the only player to hit 10,000 ODI runs at the fastest speed. Sachin ended his career with an overall score of 18426 runs with the rate of 44.83 and a record at 200 runs not out having surpassed 10,000 ODI runs in only 259 innings.

Rohit Sharma recently joined the elite group of players who have reached the feat of 10,000 run, has been second. Rohit beat Sachin Tendulkar and became the second fastest player to ever in ODI history to hit 10,000 runs. Virat Kohli is the first in the rankings. One of the most impressive accomplishments in the history of cricket is to surpass any record set by Sachin Tendulkar. He has taken that path. The top player on this list can be Virat, who needed less innings to finish the feat as Sachin. In 205 innings Virat, the former Indian captain recorded 10,000 runs playing ODI matches. He continues to score. Through 267 innings he’s recorded 13024 runs, with an average of 57.62 which includes the scores of 47 hundred and 65 half-centuries.

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