How to Add New Users To Your WordPress Site | WordPress Me नई यूजर क्यासे Add करे (Hindi)

The process of adding new users to your WordPress site is simple, and it enables you to grant varying levels of access to diverse people. A step-by-step tutorial for adding new users to your WordPress website is provided below:

Utilizing the WordPress Dashboard is Method 1

1. Log In: Enter your username and password to access your WordPress admin panel. Typically, the login URL is “”

2. Obtain the User Section: Take a look at the left-hand menu after logging in. Ideally, a “Users” option will appear. When you move your mouse over it, a submenu will show up. Select “Add New.”

3. Enter User Details: – Username, Enter the new user’s username. It must be special.
The email address linked to the new user’s account should be provided.

First and last names: Type in their names here (optional).

Website: Indicate the new user’s website URL if relevant.

Password: You can either establish a secure password for them or let WordPress generate one by selecting the “Show Password” option. If you select the latter, be sure to write down the password.

Send User Notification: Select this checkbox if you want WordPress to email the new user a notification containing their login information.

4. Specify User Role as follows: The “Role” dropdown option may be found below the user details. For the new user, choose the proper role. WordPress provides a number of roles, such as:
Administrator (complete access).

  • Editor (can publish posts and pages after editing)
  • Author (can upload their own articles)
  • Contributor (can post, but unable to publish)
  • Subscriber (has the fewest rights; primarily used for comments)

5. Additional User Information: If necessary, you can manually change the password by expanding the “Show Password” area. You can also add optional user information, like a profile photo or bio, in this part.

6. Click the “Add New User” button at the bottom of the screen after entering all the required information.

Using the WordPress Quick Draft Option (for Subscribers) is Method 2.

Without going through the user section, you can add a subscription quickly by doing the following:

1. Log In: Access your WordPress dashboard by logging in.

2. Dashboard Shortcut: Locate “Quick Draft” in the “Dashboard” area of the left-hand menu.

3. Add User: To add new users, enter their names and email addresses in the Quick Draft section before selecting “Save Draft.” They will get an email with their login details and WordPress will instantly create a subscriber account for them.

I’m done now! Your attempt to add a new user to your WordPress website was successful. They will have access to particular functions and features on your website depending on the user role you granted to them. To keep your WordPress site secure and legitimate, be sure to manage user roles and permissions sensibly.

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