Jos Buttler Takes Precautions to Prevent Injury in ENG vs BAN Match at Dharamshala


The Unforeseen Dangers of Dharamshala Outfield: Jos Buttler and England’s WC Woes


In the world of cricket, the unexpected can sometimes be more daunting than the fiercest opponents. As the England Cricket team gears up to face Bangladesh in the upcoming World Cup match on October 11, 2023, at Dharamshala, an unanticipated challenge has surfaced – the treacherous Dharamshala outfield. This article delves into the recent developments where Jos Buttler and his team have been advised to avoid diving on this questionable surface to prevent injuries.

A Hazardous Slide: The Mujeeb Rahman Incident

The Dharamshala outfield came under the spotlight due to a concerning incident during the Afghanistan vs. Bangladesh match. Mujeeb Rahman’s slide and fall on this seemingly benign surface caused an uproar among cricket enthusiasts. Fortunately, Rahman escaped severe injury, but the incident sent shockwaves through the cricketing community.

Matt Roller’s Insightful Coverage

In an attempt to unravel the Dharamshala mystery, senior journalist Matt Roller attended England’s pre-match conference. His presence shed light on the situation, and pictures of the Dharamshala outfield began circulating on Twitter, painting a grim picture of the playing surface.

Outrage Among Fans

On the surface, Dharamshala’s pitch appeared ordinary, but it was met with criticism from fans. Many took to social media to express their disappointment, with some comparing it to their local grounds or England’s recent cricket form. The consensus was clear: Dharamshala’s outfield was subpar, especially considering the substantial renovation budget allocated to all World Cup venues.

ICC’s Average Rating

Even the International Cricket Council (ICC) itself acknowledged the issue by conducting an inspection and rating Dharamshala’s surface as ‘average.’ This evaluation raises questions about the quality and maintenance of this crucial cricketing venue.

No-Dive Directive

Given the hazardous nature of the Dharamshala outfield, England’s skipper Jos Buttler has taken a cautious approach. The team has been strictly instructed not to dive on this challenging surface. This directive underscores the gravity of the situation, and the safety of the players takes precedence over any aggressive gameplay.

Ben Stokes: A Missed Opportunity

The impact of the Dharamshala outfield’s condition is already visible, as England’s star player, Ben Stokes, has been sidelined due to concerns over injuries. After missing the first England game due to a hip injury, Stokes is now set to miss the second game as well. His absence will undoubtedly be felt on the field, emphasizing the importance of player safety.


Cricket, like any sport, comes with its share of unexpected challenges. The perilous Dharamshala outfield has forced England to reevaluate their gameplay strategy, putting player safety first. While fans eagerly await the clash between England and Bangladesh, concerns about the Dharamshala surface persist. This incident serves as a stark reminder that even in the world of sports, the unanticipated can be a game-changer.


1. Why is the Dharamshala outfield considered hazardous?

The Dharamshala outfield gained notoriety after an incident involving a player’s fall, highlighting its unsafe conditions.

2. How did senior journalist Matt Roller contribute to the discussion?

Matt Roller’s coverage of England’s pre-match conference provided insights into the conditions of the Dharamshala outfield.

3. What were the fans’ reactions to the Dharamshala outfield’s condition?

Fans expressed disappointment on social media, comparing the outfield to their local grounds and criticizing its quality.

4. How has the ICC rated the Dharamshala surface?

The ICC conducted an inspection and rated Dharamshala’s surface as ‘average.’

5. Why is Ben Stokes missing from the England team?

Ben Stokes is sidelined due to concerns over injuries sustained on the Dharamshala outfield.

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