Leaked Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Renders Unveil Revamped Design and Larger Display

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Fitness Tracker

In the world of fitness trackers, Samsung has been a prominent player. The Galaxy Fit 2, launched back in 2020, garnered attention for its affordability and functionality. However, since then, there has been no word from Samsung about refreshing the lineup. That is until now. Excitingly, leaked renders suggest that Samsung is gearing up for the release of the Galaxy Fit 3, bringing a fresh perspective to budget-friendly fitness tracking.

A New Design Paradigm

The most noticeable change in the Galaxy Fit 3 is its design. According to the leaked renders shared by Windows Report, Samsung has opted for a larger display. This upgrade is a significant departure from its predecessor. In terms of aesthetics, the Galaxy Fit 3 takes inspiration from the Huawei Watch Fit, offering a sleek and versatile look that combines the functionality of a smartwatch with the comfort of a fitness band.

One striking feature is the non-removable straps, which ensure a secure fit while maintaining a minimalist design. The leaked images also reveal the presence of a button on the side, likely serving as the power button and for accessing various features on the device. Additionally, the charging pins are conveniently located at the bottom of the tracker, making recharging hassle-free.

A Splash of Color

The Galaxy Fit 3, as depicted in the renders, showcases a rose gold color scheme with a matching strap in a lighter shade. Samsung, known for offering a variety of color options for its devices, is expected to launch the fitness tracker in an array of colors to cater to different preferences. This not only adds a touch of personalization but also enhances the overall appeal of the device.

Beyond the Surface

While the leaked renders give us a tantalizing glimpse of the Galaxy Fit 3’s exterior, details about its internal specifications and features remain shrouded in secrecy. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that with an upgraded design, Samsung will also introduce improvements in functionality.

Considering that the Galaxy Fit series falls within the budget-friendly category, there might be slight price adjustments with the Galaxy Fit 3. The previous model, the Galaxy Fit 2, was priced at Rs 3,999 in India, making it an attractive option for those looking to step into the world of fitness tracking without breaking the bank.

A Quick Look at the Galaxy Fit 2

Before we eagerly anticipate the Galaxy Fit 3, let’s remind ourselves of the specifications offered by the Galaxy Fit 2:

Display: The Galaxy Fit 2 boasts a 1.1-inch 3D AMOLED display with a peak brightness of 450 nits. This ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight.

Battery Life: With a 159mAh battery, the Galaxy Fit 2 can last up to an impressive 21 days on a single charge. This long-lasting battery ensures that you can rely on your fitness tracker without constant recharging.

RAM and Storage: The device is equipped with 2MB of RAM and 32MB of onboard storage, providing sufficient capacity for smooth performance and storing essential data.

Additional Features: The Galaxy Fit 2 comes with an IP68 rating for water resistance, offering durability for various activities. It also boasts over 70 watch faces and supports a wide range of sports and fitness modes, catering to diverse fitness enthusiasts.


With the Galaxy Fit 3 on the horizon, Samsung appears to be continuing its commitment to offering affordable and feature-packed fitness trackers. While the leaked renders have generated excitement, the true potential of this device can only be revealed when Samsung officially unveils it.

For now, fitness enthusiasts can look forward to a refreshed design, a larger display, and the promise of a versatile and stylish fitness tracking experience. Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy Fit 3, and be ready to elevate your fitness journey with Samsung’s latest offering.


  1. When will Samsung officially announce the Galaxy Fit 3?
    As of now, Samsung has not provided an official release date for the Galaxy Fit 3. Keep an eye on Samsung’s announcements for updates.
  2. What sets the Galaxy Fit 3 apart from the Galaxy Fit 2?
    The Galaxy Fit 3 features a larger display and a new design aesthetic, offering a more stylish and functional fitness tracking experience.
  3. Will the Galaxy Fit 3 be available in multiple colors?
    Yes, it is expected that the Galaxy Fit 3 will be available in a range of colors to suit individual preferences.
  4. What can we expect in terms of pricing for the Galaxy Fit 3?
    While exact pricing details have not been revealed, the Galaxy Fit 3 is likely to remain competitive in the budget fitness tracker segment.
  5. Does the Galaxy Fit 2 support third-party apps?
    The Galaxy Fit 2 primarily focuses on fitness tracking and does not support third-party app installations. However, it offers a wide range of built-in features for fitness enthusiasts.
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