Former Apple Employees’ Startup, Humane, Unveils Wearable AI Pin Utilizing Your Palm as a Display

Ex-Apple employees’ startup

Humane’s AI Pin: A Revolutionary Wearable Smartphone

In the fast-paced world of technology, innovation is the name of the game. Humane, a startup founded by ex-Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, has recently taken a giant leap forward by introducing an AI-powered pin that redefines the way we interact with smart devices. This wearable pin, which can be attached to your shirt, opens up a world of possibilities. It serves as a miniature smartphone on your chest, providing features that are nothing short of extraordinary.
The All-In-One Wearable Wonder

Humane AI Pin Features

The Humane AI pin boasts a sleek square-shaped design, complete with a built-in camera and a spacious touchpad. Its strategic placement on your shirt ensures easy access and optimal angles for scanning and capturing photos. But the real magic happens when you start interacting with it.
One of the standout features of the Humane AI pin is its ability to engage in Chat GPT-like conversations. You can ask it questions, seek information, or simply have a friendly chat, just like you would with virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. What makes this AI pin even more impressive is that it is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, ensuring that your conversations are both meaningful and intelligent.

Customized Notifications

The AI pin can be customized to notify you of calls and messages from your most important contacts, keeping you connected with the people who matter most. It will also keep you informed about notifications from non-trusted contacts, ensuring you stay in control of your digital life. If you ever want a quick summary of all your notifications, a simple command like “Catch me up” will provide you with an overview of your calls and texts.

Texting Made Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of typing out text messages on a tiny screen. The AI pin can compose text messages for you with ease. Just provide the recipient’s name and a brief message, and the AI will craft it for you. You can review the final draft on your palm’s display and make any necessary edits before sending it. What’s more, you can even ask it to curate a playlist or play your favorite music.

The Power of Photography

Equipped with a 13MP camera featuring a wide 120-degree field of view, the AI pin is your instant photographer. A simple double tap on the touchpad with two fingers captures photos effortlessly. You can also use it to scan objects and gain instant information about them. All your photos, videos, and data can be accessed conveniently from the Center, accessible through any web browser.

Your Personal Dietary Advisor

The AI pin isn’t just about technology; it’s about enhancing your life. You can share your dietary goals with it, and it can help you make healthier choices. Scan fruits and vegetables to get information about sugar and calorie counts. If you’re ever in doubt about what to eat, simply hold up the AI pin, and it can provide guidance based on your preferences.

Siri-Like Voice Assistant and Intuitive Touchpad

Interacting with the AI pin is a breeze. It’s voice-powered, so all you need to do is hold the touchpad and use your voice to ask questions or give commands. For language translation, hold down the touchpad with two fingers, and the AI pin becomes your interpreter. It can translate your words into different languages, making communication a global affair. You can control calls and adjust the volume using gestures like touch, tap, and swipe.

Your Palm, Your Display

One of the most remarkable features of the AI pin is that it transforms your hand into a display screen. It projects a Laser Ink Display on your palm, allowing you to access menus, view messages, and enjoy various experiences. You can tilt and roll your hand to interact with the display, and when you need to make a decision, simply close your fingers. All your messages and calls are visible on this palm-sized display, making it incredibly convenient.

Pricing and Availability

The Humane AI pin has made its debut in the US market with a price tag of $699, which roughly translates to Rs 58,200. Starting November 16th, it will be available for pre-order, with the official sale scheduled for 2024. The AI pin comes in three stylish color options: Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar. As of now, there’s no official word on its global availability, but its initial reception suggests it’s poised to make a significant impact on the tech world.

In conclusion, the Humane AI pin represents a remarkable advancement in wearable technology. It’s not just a pin; it’s a gateway to a smarter, more connected world. With its versatility, intelligence, and user-friendly interface, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Whether you’re capturing memories, seeking information, or simply staying connected, the Humane AI pin is the wearable smartphone of the future.


1. How does the AI pin compare to traditional smartphones?
The AI pin offers similar functionality to smartphones but in a compact, wearable form. It’s designed for convenience and hands-free interaction.
2. Can I use the AI pin for business purposes?
Absolutely! The AI pin can be a valuable tool for professionals, allowing you to stay connected and productive on the go.
3. Is the AI pin compatible with all smartphones?
While it operates independently, it can also sync with your smartphone for added functionality, making it a versatile companion.
4. How long does the battery last on the AI pin?
The battery life varies based on usage but can typically last a full day on a single charge.
5. What sets the Humane AI pin apart from other wearables?
Its ability to engage in natural conversations, its palm-sized display, and its powerful camera make it stand out in the wearable tech market.

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