Reportedly, Nothing is Planning a Launch Event in January: Could it Be for the Nothing Ear (3)?

Nothing reportedly planning launch event

Nothing’s Big Announcement: Is It the Nothing Ear (3) or Something Else?

In the ever-evolving world of tech and gadgets, anticipation often fuels the excitement of consumers worldwide. When it comes to Nothing, a brand that has been making waves in the tech industry since its debut in July 2021, the rumor mill is abuzz once again. Speculations are swirling that Nothing has something big in store for us in January 2024. But what could it be? Is it the highly anticipated Nothing Ear (3), or is there a twist in the tale? In this article, we’ll dive into the latest rumors and speculations surrounding Nothing’s upcoming announcement.

The Journey So Far

To understand the significance of this potential January announcement, let’s take a quick look at Nothing’s journey thus far. Nothing burst onto the scene with the launch of the Ear 1 TWS earbuds in July 2021, garnering attention for its innovative design and sound quality. Following this success, Ear 2 was introduced in March 2022, cementing Nothing’s reputation as a brand committed to delivering top-notch audio experiences.

However, fans of the brand have been eagerly awaiting the true successor to the Ear series. Despite the introduction of the Nothing Ear (Stick) TWS earbuds, the direct follow-up to the Ear series has remained elusive. That is until now, as a recent leak has hinted at an impending announcement from Nothing in January 2024.

The Rumor Mill

Let’s delve deeper into the heart of the matter. According to a report from the Indian version of Mashable, citing trusted sources, Nothing is gearing up for a launch event in January. The report doesn’t specify the product that will be unveiled, but it does indicate that the company has something significant in the works for that timeframe.

One intriguing aspect to consider is Nothing’s historical product launch timeline. Typically, Nothing’s smartphones are unveiled around June or July. With this in mind, speculation is rife that the January event could be reserved for the long-awaited Ear (3) TWS earbuds. However, there’s always the possibility that Nothing might have something entirely different up its sleeve.

What Could It Be?

One factor that adds a layer of complexity to this speculation is the age of Nothing’s previous earbuds. The Nothing Ear (2) will barely be a year old in January, which could make it seem a bit premature for the brand to introduce a direct follow-up. This raises questions about the nature of the announcement. Could it be a sequel to the Ear Stick, or perhaps an entirely new product category to expand Nothing’s already diverse portfolio? Whatever it may be, it’s increasingly likely that the focus will be on accessories rather than smartphones.

A Tease from Nothing’s CEO

To add to the intrigue, Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pei, recently teased on X (formerly Twitter) that “something naughty” from the brand is on the horizon. While this teaser doesn’t provide specific details, it certainly stokes curiosity. Is this teaser related to the January event, or is Nothing planning a surprise announcement even sooner? Only time will tell.


As the tech world eagerly awaits January 2024, the speculations and rumors surrounding Nothing’s upcoming announcement continue to swirl. Will it be the long-awaited Nothing Ear (3), or could it be something entirely unexpected? One thing is certain, Nothing knows how to keep its audience engaged and intrigued. Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to this exciting event.


  1. When was Nothing’s first product, Ear 1, launched?
    Nothing’s first product, Ear 1, was launched in July 2021.
  2. What is the significance of the January 2024 announcement for Nothing?
    The January 2024 announcement is significant as it could potentially unveil the much-anticipated Nothing Ear (3) or another exciting product.
  3. When do Nothing’s smartphones typically launch?
    Nothing’s smartphones typically launch around June or July.
  4. What did Nothing’s CEO, Carl Pei, tease on X (formerly Twitter)?
    Carl Pei teased that “something naughty” from the brand is coming soon, sparking curiosity among fans and tech enthusiasts.
  5. What can we expect from Nothing in the near future?
    While specifics remain a mystery, Nothing’s commitment to innovation and design suggests that their upcoming products will continue to push boundaries and captivate consumers.
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