Mauricio Nascimento Murder: The Met Revisits Brutal Attack on Homeless Man

Mauricio Nascimento Murder Case: Unraveling the Controversy

In recent times, a murder case has gripped the attention of the public. The mysterious demise of Mauricio Nascimento has sparked numerous questions and ignited intense interest among the masses. An ongoing investigation surrounds the circumstances of this man’s tragic death. Mauricio Nascimento, a well-known rough sleeper in Croydon, met a gruesome end on the 12th of July, 2021. At the age of 44, he drew his last breath, leaving behind a perplexing case that continues to raise concerns. In this article, we aim to delve into the details, exploring the events and questions that shroud Mauricio Nascimento’s death.

The Discovery

Mauricio Nascimento’s lifeless body was discovered in the heart of Rush Common, located in Brixton Hill. The initial findings were nothing short of horrifying, as the pathologist described it as one of the most brutal attacks he had ever encountered. The state of the body raised more questions than answers. Nascimento’s body bore evidence of severe injuries, including a broken nose, neck, skull, and almost all of his ribs.

However, the investigation was compounded by the lack of surveillance footage in the vicinity. The brutal beating had occurred in an area devoid of any CCTV cameras. It was an initial roadblock for the authorities, leaving them to rely on other clues in their quest for answers.

A Break in the Case

Intriguingly, two days after Nascimento’s tragic demise, a significant breakthrough emerged. His bank card had been used, providing the investigators with a vital lead. The discovery of this activity was crucial in steering the investigation in the right direction. The case began to take shape as the police narrowed down their list of suspects.

The Suspect’s Identification

As the police delved deeper into the case, they finally disclosed the name of the prime suspect. Astonishingly, a belt found at the crime scene bore the DNA of a 29-year-old man named Arturas Ptickinas. The likelihood of this DNA match occurring in any other individual was estimated at one in a billion. With this revelation, it became evident that Arturas Ptickinas was a key figure in the case.

However, the lack of surveillance footage remained a challenge. Without visual evidence, the case became more complex, relying heavily on the forensic and circumstantial evidence.

DNA Evidence

The plot thickened as investigators discovered Arturas Ptickinas’s DNA on various parts of Mauricio Nascimento’s body, including his wrists, face, and neck. This irrefutable evidence intensified the suspicion surrounding Arturas. The police had reason to believe that they had their man.

Timeline Unveiled

The timeline of events came into focus through a combination of forensic evidence and cellular data. CCTV footage showed the two individuals leaving their residence on Norwood High Street and heading towards Rush Common. At 3:16 a.m., the time when the incident occurred, the young man’s phone was connected to a nearby cell phone antenna.

The comprehensive forensic evidence presented a strong case against both Arturas Ptickinas and Aleksandrovas. They were subsequently brought to trial, where they contested the charges levied against them. This case has raised several questions and has been closely followed by the media and the public. It serves as a stark reminder of the impact of modern forensic methods in solving complex cases.


The case of Mauricio Nascimento’s murder is a stark example of how modern investigative methods can unravel even the most perplexing mysteries. The absence of CCTV footage was a significant hurdle, but the relentless pursuit of justice led to the identification and conviction of the prime suspects. The saga continues to intrigue the public, and as more information surfaces, it will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion for some time to come.


  1. What was the motive behind Mauricio Nascimento’s murder?

The motive behind Mauricio Nascimento’s murder remains unclear. The investigation has provided vital clues, but the exact reasons behind the crime are still under scrutiny.

  1. How did the police identify the suspects in this case?

The police identified the suspects through a combination of forensic evidence, DNA analysis, and cellular data, despite the absence of CCTV footage.

  1. What impact did the use of modern forensic methods have on this case?

Modern forensic methods played a crucial role in identifying the suspects and securing their conviction, highlighting the significance of technological advancements in criminal investigations.

  1. What consequences did the discovery of Mauricio Nascimento’s bank card being used have on the case?

The discovery of Mauricio Nascimento’s bank card being used was a pivotal moment in the investigation, providing a breakthrough that led to the identification of suspects and further evidence.

  1. Is there any further information or updates on this case?

As of now, no further information or updates are available. The case remains a subject of interest and scrutiny by the authorities and the public.

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