Moto Tab G84 Renders Leaked; Hints India Launch is Nearing

Moto Tab G84 Renders Leaked

Leaked Moto Tab G84 Renders Indicate Imminent India Launch

The Moto Tab G84, a new tablet from Motorola, is about to launch in India. The release of this tablet, which will be the Moto Tab G70’s replacement, signals Motorola’s ongoing growth in the Indian mobile device industry.

Recently, Motorola has been busy launching new smartphones in a variety of markets to appeal to a wide range of customers. The business is adding tablets to its product lineup with the upcoming Moto Tab G84.

Key Details and Highlights: 1. Renders Show Design: A credible tech tipster named Sudhanshu Ambhore has leaked images of the Moto Tab G84. The tablet’s design is depicted in these renders, which include pronounced bezels surrounding the display.

2. Quad speakers and a selfie camera: On the tablet’s top horizontal bezel, there will be a selfie camera that faces front. Additionally, it will have four speakers, which will improve consumers’ audio experiences.

3. Speaker and Microphone Position: On the tablet’s left side, next to a speaker grille, is where the secondary microphone is located. Similar to that, the tablet’s right side houses the USB Type-C connector and a second speaker grille.

4. Metallic Surface: The rear panel of the tablet from Motorola features a metallic finish, giving it a more expensive appearance and feel. The Motorola logo, which represents the brand’s identity, is also displayed on the back panel in a landscape orientation.

5. The JBS and Dolby Atmos Partnership: Notably, Motorola collaborated with these companies to improve the tablet’s audio capabilities as evidenced by the presence of the Dolby Atmos and JBS logos on it.

6. Support for styluses: The tablet’s back panel has a cutout that could accommodate a magnetic connector for a stylus pen, increasing user efficiency and creativity.

7. Pogo Pin and Rear Camera: The tablet comes with an LED flashlight and a single rear camera hidden inside a camera cut-out. This camera is anticipated to have an 8MP resolution, according to reports. Furthermore, a pogo pin on the tablet’s underside hints capability for add-ons like a keyboard.

Although the Moto Tab G84’s design and some of its functions have been made public, further exact details and a price have not yet been released. Prior to the Moto Tab G62 LTE and Wi-Fi models, Motorola first unveiled the Moto Tab G70 in India in January 2022. These tablets needed to be updated, and the next Moto Tab G84 is anticipated to feature better specifications. The Moto Tab G84 is expected to cost less than Rs 25,000, establishing it as a competitive tablet option.

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